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“My Water” 2023 program. What are the rules and how much can you receive? Co-financing of rainwater retention systems

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On Thursday, the new edition of the “My Water” program with a budget of PLN 130 million will start, the Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow informed in an interview with PAP. Homeowners will be able to get up to PLN 6,000 to set up rainwater retention systems on their properties.

The head of the Ministry of Culture and Environment announced in an interview with PAP that the recruitment for the third edition of the “My Water” program will start on Thursday, August 3, and will last until the program budget is exhausted, i.e. over PLN 130 million.

Anna Moscow pointed out that the previous two editions (in 2020 and 2021) of the program enjoyed great interest; the budgets of previous editions of “My Water” were exhausted in a maximum of two months. Therefore, in her opinion, it is worth hurrying. – The one-hundred-million-dollar budget of the first edition was exhausted within two months. Eventually it was raised anyway. The same budget – PLN 100 million – had the second edition of the program, which started at the end of March 2021, and the call for proposals ended at the beginning of June 2021, emphasized the minister. She added that over 43,000 people have benefited from the two editions of the program so far. beneficiaries, and the value of signed contracts amounted to over PLN 200 million.

My Water Program 2023. How much money can you get?

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The Minister informed that in the latest edition of the “My Water” program, beneficiaries will be able to receive subsidies up to PLN 6,000. PLN, but not more than 80 percent. eligible investment costs. In previous editions, subsidies were lower and amounted to a maximum of PLN 5,000. zloty. – We have to take care of water resources. The basic assumption of the “My Water” program is to retain as much rainwater as possible for reuse in the home garden. In addition, this program has an educational purpose. Each of us can learn how to collect water in practice, and thus contribute to increasing the level of water retention and counteracting the effects of drought – added Minister Anna Moscow. As in previous editions, the program is addressed to natural persons who are owners, co-owners or perpetual usufructuaries of real estate on which a single-family residential building is located, excluding real estate for which co-financing has already been granted under previous editions of the “My Water” program.

Rainwater – why is it worth collecting it?Shutterstock

The co-financing also applies to owners, co-owners and perpetual usufructuaries of real estate on which construction is planned or on which construction of a single-family residential building has begun, however, with the proviso that these buildings must be put into use in accordance with the law, before submitting documents for payment.

My Water 2023 Programme. What can you get a subsidy for?

Subsidies will be available for the purchase, delivery, assembly, construction, expansion, commissioning of the following installations: for collecting rainwater or snowmelt from impermeable surfaces of real estate, i.e. from roofs, pavements, driveways (e.g. catchers, inlets, gutter sedimentation tanks, linear drainage rainwater drainage pipes without gutters and downpipes); for storing rainwater in tanks (e.g. tight underground and above-ground tanks) with a total capacity of at least 2 cubic meters; for retention of rainwater, including snowmelt, in the ground (e.g. unsealing of impervious surfaces, drainage wells, drainage, infiltration boxes, open reservoirs); for retention of rainwater, including snowmelt, on roofs – “green roofs” (drainage layer) without planting costs; for the use of retained rainwater or snowmelt (e.g. pumps, filters, ducts, sprinklers, controllers, water distribution centers, other installations enabling the management of water from the existing / newly built reservoir as part of the investment).

Rules for submitting an application in the “My Water” program

In order to receive a subsidy, an application for support must be submitted to the voivodship fund for environmental protection and water management together with documents confirming the expenditure (e.g. purchase invoices) and confirming the implementation of the installation (execution report or self-implementation statement). The ministry also announced that the minimum eligible investment amount is PLN 2,000. zloty. Subsidies will be available for investments that will be completed no later than June 30, 2024. Minister Anna Moscow emphasized that the promotion of rational use of water resources is important due to the relatively low availability of water in Poland.

– There is about 1,600 cubic meters per inhabitant. water per year, which is even three times less than in other European Union countries. The direct objective of the program being created is to mitigate the effects of drought and reduce the effects of torrential rainfall. The intermediate goals are to relieve the water supply and sewage systems, save water resources, ensure the availability of water for household purposes and home gardens during hot periods, and save energy, she explained. – Rainwater management is the basic mechanism of adaptation to climate change. All methods that stop precipitation in the place of its occurrence reduce the risk of flooding and mitigate the effects of drought. The great interest in the program in previous years is the best proof of the real need for such support – summed up Anna Moscow.

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