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Mysłakowice. He hit a cyclist and continued driving. Recording

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A blood-curdling scene on the road in Mysłakowice near Jelenia Góra. The driver of a passenger car, leaving the minor road, hit a cyclist passing in front of him and continued driving.

The incident occurred on April 9 on the road in Mysłakowice near Jelenia Góra. Mr. Michał was coming back from work by bike. Suddenly, a car drove off the minor road and hit the man. The entire situation was captured by the monitoring of one of the companies. The recording shows how the car fails to give way to the cyclist and hits him. The man and his bicycle land on the road, and the car driver does not stop and continues driving.

Employees helped the cyclist.

A cyclist was hit. The driver drove awayInhabitant

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“Nothing happened to me, the bike is dead”

A few hours after the incident, Mr. Michał published a post on social media with camera footage and appealed for help in finding the driver. “Today I was hit by a car in Mysłakowice on Szkolna Street… I'm driving correctly on the main road and then it leaves the secondary road without stopping and runs away. The police are looking for a black, dark Renault Scenic 2nd generation, part number plates only DKL38… I'm asking for help in catching perpetrators!!! Nothing happened to me, but the bike is dead…” wrote Mr. Michał.

The car driver left the sceneInhabitant

The case was reported to the police.

Thanks to the reaction of Internet users, it was possible to find the car that may have been involved in the incident, which was confirmed by the police. – We have a car, but an expert must comment on this matter, because we are not 100% sure whether it is this vehicle. We also interviewed several people, but we are not sure who was behind the wheel of the vehicle. Activities are still being carried out to clarify this situation, the deputy inspector told tvn24.pl. Edyta Bagrowska from the police in Jelenia Góra.

Main photo source: Inhabitant

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