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Mysłowice. He ran through Katowicka Street. Recording

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A pedestrian tried to cross a dual carriageway in Mysłowice (Śląskie) in a prohibited place. The surveillance footage shows that he was waiting for a gap to appear between the cars. But when he started moving, the driver of the passenger car “swept” him off the road. Fortunately, it only ended with bruises.

A 16-year-old was hit on Wednesday in Mysłowice on Katowicka Street. As a warning, the police publish a surveillance video, urging people to always use pedestrian crossings.

He went straight under the wheels of the car

Katowicka is a dual carriageway, busy road. The recording shows the pedestrian trying to cross to the other side in a place not designated for this purpose. He goes through the barriers separating the road from the sidewalk and waits for a convenient moment.

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When a gap in car traffic appears on the road closer to the road, the pedestrian starts running. He probably doesn’t see what’s going on across the entire width of the road, his view is obscured by a delivery truck standing in a line of cars at the traffic lights. The boy falls straight under the wheels of a Citroen on the other road.

“The driver had no chance of noticing”

“The driver of the Citroen had no chance of noticing the pedestrian and as a result she hit him,” we read in the police statement. “The incident could have ended tragically, but the 16-year-old is quite lucky because he escaped with only minor contusions,” police say.

Both the 50-year-old driver of the Citroen and the 16-year-old were sober. The case will now be dealt with in court.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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