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Mysłowice. Judgment in the case of a mother who killed her two-year-old son

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According to the prosecutor's office, Magdalena W. covered her two-year-old son's mouth and nose, choking him. She then called her husband to come home quickly. It was the man who called an ambulance and tried to save the boy. The child's mother has just been sentenced.

The murder of a two-year-old took place in 2022 in Mysłowice. Now the District Court in Katowice has issued an invalid judgment in this case. The 32-year-old was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Prosecutor Aleksander Duda from the District Prosecutor's Office in Katowice announced on Tuesday the non-final verdict, announced after a trial lasting almost a year.

– The District Court in Katowice found the accused Magdalena W. guilty of murder committed by blocking the breathing holes of the child's mouth and nose, which prevented him from breathing and led to his death. In the court's opinion, the accused acted with direct intent, i.e. she wanted to take the life of her child, the prosecutor's office said.

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Death of a two-year-old in Mysłowice

The child died in May 2022. The police and the prosecutor's office learned about the boy's death in one of the apartments in Mysłowice from emergency workers called to the scene. They estimated that the child had died a few hours before their intervention.

The mother, who was in the apartment, did not call an ambulance, but only contacted the child's father, who was at work, through other people, and asked him to return home urgently. It was he who, after entering the apartment, called the emergency services. The man, instructed by the operator over the phone, tried to resuscitate his son while waiting for the arrival of the emergency medical team.

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The mother was not initially arrested, it happened only after the evidence was completed, especially after obtaining the autopsy opinion. This evidence became the basis for charging her with murder. Based on all post-mortem examinations, experts concluded that the boy's death was caused by “asphyxia due to the mechanism of clogging the breathing holes and preventing lung ventilation.”

She blamed her other son

According to the prosecutor's office, the child died in the morning; apart from him, only the child's mother and his four-year-old brother were in the apartment at the time. The suspect argued during the investigation that the four-year-old contributed to her brother's death. The forensic psychiatric opinion obtained during the investigation shows that she was sane at the time of the alleged crime.

The investigators emphasize that all the evidence collected during the investigation, including primarily the opinions of experts in the field of forensic medicine and histopathology, as well as the procedural experiment conducted, ruled out the possibility that the victim's death could have occurred in the manner suggested by W.

An infant had previously died

It is not yet known whether the prosecutor's office will appeal against the verdict. – We will make a decision after reviewing the written justification – said prosecutor Duda. Since she was charged, Magdalena W. has been arrested.

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In 2014, the child of the same woman also died, she was four months old. The evidence, primarily the opinion of forensic experts, clearly indicated that the death was due to disease, and the investigation was then discontinued. While investigating the murder of a two-year-old, the prosecutor's office analyzed the case once again; found no grounds to question the findings of that proceeding.

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