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Nacpolsk near Płońsk. Two Ukrainian women were stabbed and one is dead. The prosecutor’s office interrogates suspects of the attack

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Men suspected of attacking two Ukrainian women in Nacpol with a knife were brought to the prosecutor’s office. Investigators conduct activities with them. They also established the identity of the second detainee – he is also a citizen of Ukraine. As a result of the incident, the 29-year-old died, and the 21-year-old was hospitalized in a serious condition.

We informed about the attack on two Ukrainian citizens in Nacpol near Płońsk on Friday afternoon. The report of the incident was received by the police around 1:15 pm. On the spot, the policemen determined that the injured had been stabbed. Together with paramedics, they helped the wounded. One of the women – a 21-year-old girl later turned out – was taken to hospital by a rescue helicopter. The second woman, 29, died despite the resuscitation.

The first suspected attacker was arrested less than an hour after the incident. He did not have any documents with him, and he also refused to provide data. However, the police were sure that he was a foreigner. – It has already been established that he is a 44-year-old citizen of Ukraine – said on Sunday the spokeswoman for the District Police Headquarters in Płońsk, Kinga Drężek-Zmysłowska. The second Ukrainian detained is 27 years old.

Both detainees were brought to the prosecutor’s office on Sunday. However, the District Prosecutor in Płońsk, Ewa Ambroziak, refused to provide information on the case. “Activities are underway,” she merely said.

Suspects of attacking two women in Nacpolsk were arrested KPP Płońsk

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Investigators investigate the perpetrators’ motives

A 21-year-old Ukrainian woman who survived the knife attack is in the hospital. She got there in a serious condition. She underwent surgery on Friday. There are also two children, 2.5 years and 5 months old, who were at home on the property when the attack took place, under observation. Immediately after the incident, the children were taken to hospital for examination. It was then decided that they would remain under surveillance until Monday, at which point the family court would decide.

As the spokeswoman of the Płońsk police informed on Saturday, the motives of the perpetrators’ actions are not known. – Both men apprehended were drunk during the arrest. The motives of the perpetrators of the attack will be explained in the course of the investigation – emphasized Drężek-Zmysłowska.

A spokeswoman for the Płońsk police mentioned that the prosecutor’s office would also finally decide on the motion for the autopsy of a 29-year-old Ukrainian woman who died after a knife attack as a result of her injuries.

Two women were attacked with a knife, the perpetrators escaped

Ukrainian citizens had been renting an apartment in Nacpolsk for about three months and had not been in close contact with their neighbors.

According to the findings of the police so far, two men came to the property where both women and children lived on Friday afternoon. It was they who probably attacked the women with a knife, and then drove away. The scream was heard by outsiders who notified the services.

The car used by the men to escape drove down the road to the village of Zaborowo into a roadside ditch – the driver probably lost control of the vehicle. The men traveling by car continued on foot. As a result of a police chase, less than an hour after the incident, one of them was arrested, who was drunk – it was a 44-year-old, whose identity had been recently established.

During the escape, the suspects participated in a collisionKPP Płońsk

The second man, a 27-year-old Ukrainian, was arrested by the police on Friday evening in a manhunt, a few hours after the incident and a few kilometers from the place where the attack took place, in one of the nearby towns – his identity was known on the same day.

According to the police on Friday, an alarm was announced for the Płońsk unit after the attack. The action also involved a guide with a tracking dog and officers from the Independent Police Unit in Płock, as well as from the criminal and investigative department of the Provincial Police Headquarters of Zs. in Radom.

Main photo source: KPP Płońsk

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