Narew program. One thousand rockets and one hundred launchers for the Polish army


The Polish defense industry will provide the Polish Armed Forces with over a thousand CAMM ER missiles and over a hundred launchers, said the head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak. As he said, its value exceeds four billion pounds, or approximately PLN 20 billion. Another agreement was concluded on Tuesday.

“Today, Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa and MBDA concluded another industrial agreement in the Narew program, as a result of which the Polish defense industry will provide the Polish Armed Forces with over a thousand CAMM ER missiles and over 100 launchers. Its value exceeds four billion pounds (approximately PLN 20 billion),” he wrote. Minister of National Defense on Tuesday on the X platform (formerly Twitter). He emphasized that the agreement also covers extensive technology transfer ensuring the production of rockets and launchers in Poland.

MBDA (a European arms company specializing in the production of missile weapons), which concluded a contract with Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, stated in a press release that “the Narew program is to provide Poland with an advanced mobile air defense system capable of facing contemporary and future threats located at a distance over 40 kilometers from the launcher.

“In September this year, PGZ signed implementation agreements with the Armament Agency for the Narew system. The contract concluded today will enable PGZ to fulfill the above-mentioned implementation agreements, worth over four billion pounds, by establishing the conditions for an unprecedented transfer of key technologies and knowledge from MBDA to PGZ. This will allow The PGZ-NAREW consortium will produce over 1,000 CAMM-ER anti-aircraft missiles and over 100 launchers in Poland for the Narew program. Agreements regarding the Narew program are the result of developing relations between MBDA and PGZ and another success of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement concluded by the companies in 2017. The technology transfer associated with the NAREW project and the resulting development of Polish industrial entities is unique for the UK-Poland defense partnership and paves the way for deep links with Poland in the field of advanced weapons systems,” says MBDA.

CAMM-ER missile during

What is the Narew project?

Narew is the latest in a series of Polish air defense projects using the CAMM family of missiles.

In September 2021, the Ministry of National Defense signed a framework agreement with Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, a concern that groups state-owned defense industry companies. In November, the first executive agreement was signed – it concerned project management. In the same month, CAMM missiles from the MBDA group operating in Europe were officially recommended for the Narew River. There were to be a dozen or so executive agreements in total, and the last one was to be signed by the end of 2023.

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