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Narewka. The road runs through the Białowieża Forest, SKO found a gross violation of the law. The State Forests announce an appeal

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It is called “Narewka Road”, it was put into use at the end of 2019 and replaced the forest road. It runs through the Białowieża Forest and is a shortcut from Białowieża to Narewka. The Local Government Board of Appeals in Białystok has just declared the environmental decision, thanks to which the road was built, invalid. State Forests announce that they will appeal.

– The Białowieża Forest is not only a UNESCO World Heritage site, but also a protected landscape area and prohibitions apply here – including the prohibition of earthworks that permanently transform the relief – said Sylwia Szczutowska from the Studio for All Beings on TVN.

Meanwhile, the so-called Narewka Road, a 22-kilometer route running through the Białowieża Forest, which is a shortcut from Białowieża to Narewka.

This is what the route looks like now TVN24

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As the investor, in this case the State Forests, informed on its website, it was built in the place of a forest road so that residents and tourists could get from one town to another faster. On December 31, 2019, the State Forests informed that the road was put into use.

– As the State Forests say, the road is not made of asphalt, but of aggregate, so the technology was used so that the ecosystem would suffer as little as possible – reported TVN24 reporter Adrian Zaborowski.

Sylwia Szczutowska: there has clearly been a significant transformation of this area to the detriment of natureTVN24

The SKO found a gross violation of the law

Five years ago, scientists and environmentalists protested against the road. In 2018, the Workshop for All Beings applied for annulment of the decision of the mayor of the Narewka Commune on environmental conditions for the investment. The case was considered by the Local Government Appeals Board and administrative courts. At the end of April, the SKO in Białystok annulled the mayor’s decision. The decision is about a gross violation of the law.

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It is a shortcut from Białowieża to NarewkaTVN24

– The road has been widened in many places by earth embankments. Deep drainage ditches were also built. Clearly, there has been a significant transformation of this area to the detriment of nature – commented Szczutowska.

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The State Forests have nothing to reproach themselves with

The Browsk Forest Inspectorate intends to appeal against the decision of the SKO. Jarosław Krawczyk, spokesman for the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Białystok, told the TVN24 camera that everything was done in accordance with the law, the road was accepted for use and no one from the nature services questioned it.

– Various services. Also, among others, the European Commission – he stressed. He added: – The decision of the Local Government Appeals Board is about invalidating the environmental decision that appeared at the time of planning and designing this road. The road has been in existence for over two years. By the nature of things and with such a decision, it is unjustified.

As he admitted, he cannot imagine that this new road surface would have to be removed.

This is what the road looked like beforeNational forests

What’s next on the road is unknown at this time. – Most likely, it will be a long court battle and this dispute will unfortunately continue – reported the TVN24 reporter.

The new road was put into use at the end of 2019 TVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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