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NASA will set up a team to study UFOs

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NASA said on Thursday it will be setting up a team to scientifically investigate “Unidentified Airborne Phenomena” (UAP), formerly known as UFOs. This is to be the first step in explaining mysterious phenomena.

Representative NASA Dan Evans announced on Thursday that the agency’s selected team will receive a grant of up to $ 100,000 to research Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Scientists will observe ‘events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or natural phenomena’.

“We have a team and tools to help us improve our understanding of the unknown.”

Evans noted, however, that the study, due to begin in early fall, has limited goals: identifying available phenomena data, determining ways to collect data in the future, and how this information can be used to scientifically understand mysterious events.

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He emphasized that the current observations offer incomplete and unstructured information on this subject.

“Determining which phenomena are natural will be a key first step in identifying or mitigating the consequences of such events, which is in line with one of NASA’s goals of ensuring the safety of aircraft. There is no evidence that UAPs are of extraterrestrial origin,” the agency said in a press release .

– We have a team and tools that can help us better understand the unknown. This is the definition of what science is, said one executive officer Thomas Zurbuchen.

The Pentagon is also researching

The agency also indicated that the study will be separate and independent from the one conducted by UAP / UFO research team previously established by the Pentagon.

In a report published last year by the US intelligence services, 144 cases of observations of mysterious phenomena from 2004-2021 were identified, of which 143 remain without clear explanation, and one was attributed to a natural phenomenon. 80 of these have been observed with more than one instrument. In 18 cases, objects showing ‘unusual motion patterns and flight characteristics’ were observed that appeared to indicate advanced technology.

The US Congress began public hearings about UFOs for the first time in more than half a centuryPAP / EPA / JIM LO SCALZO

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