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NASK warns against e-mails with malicious software

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NASK issued two warnings today regarding malicious emails. In one, it draws attention to messages with attachments containing malware that steal data from the victim’s computer. In the second, for messages with a QR code about the alleged tax refund.

The CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) of the Scientific and Academic Computer Network reported on Thursday that it had observed the return of mass distribution of malware via email. The content of the emails encourages you to open the attachment, where the invoice is supposedly located, commercial offer or payment confirmation. In fact, the attachment contains malware that steals data from the victim’s computer. “It is worth noting that they are often used for shipping hijacked e-mail accountsand the content of the message is usually written carefully in terms of language and includes the sender’s company footer. Unfortunately, this makes the sent messages seem credible.

Attempt to phishing data for a tax refund

NASK also warned against fraudsters who impersonate the government website – the Platform of Electronic Tax and Customs Services (PUESC) and inform about the alleged tax refund. Their goal is to steal data. This time they use a QR code. The message stated that “so far in this type of fake messages, scammers have used a link to a fake phishing page, which was placed explicitly – in the form of text.” “What’s new about the campaign being watched is that this time the link is hidden in the form of a QR code. Potential victims are encouraged to scan it and go to a fake website – confusingly similar to the government website of the national tax administration system – supposedly to collect a tax refund, explains NASK. The criminals’ goal is to obtain data. All suspicious e-mails can be reported using the form on the website https://incydent.cert.pl or via e-mail cert@cert.pl, while SMS messages can be sent to a special number 799 448 084.

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