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Natalia suffered from obesity of the third degree. Bariatric surgery in a teenager, reduction of the stomach

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A few years ago, Natalia was diagnosed with obesity of the third degree. This problem significantly and adversely affected her health. She underwent her first bariatric surgery in 2018 – the effect was, but not permanent, because the kilograms came back. And then the surgeons helped again. The 16-year-old has already had surgery. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

He tries to take 10,000 steps every day. She dreams of going back to the gym, but for now, 16-year-old Natalia has to recover. – Natalka has been struggling with her obesity since the age of three and she has gone through a lot of different diets, very different ones, and they did not work – says Aneta Sośnicka, the girl’s mother.

A month ago, doctors from the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice performed Natalia’s second bariatric surgery in a few years – it is a surgical treatment of obesity, including a procedure on the stomach.

The girl suffered from hypertension and diabetes

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A few years ago, Natalia was diagnosed with obesity of the third degree – she weighed 135 kilograms, and this seriously affected her health. – The girl suffered from hypertension, had diabetes and was taking chronic medications for these diseases – explains Dr. Dominika Krakowczyk from the Upper Silesian Center for Children’s Health.

In 2018, she underwent an operation of the so-called sleeve gastrectomy – this means a decrease in its capacity by almost 80 percent. She was 13 when she had her first surgery. She was one of our younger patients – says the head of pediatric surgery at the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice, Professor Tomasz Koszutski.

Surgeons performed bariatric surgeryTVN24

Fortunately, she did not return to the pills for hypertension and diabetes, but the weight – partly due to the pandemic – returned to the level before the operation. – I stayed at home a lot, I didn’t go out practically anywhere, I started drinking a lot of energy drinks. The same has already given me extra pounds, – admits Natalia.

The doctors agreed to try the subject a second time. Surgery was performed, which in adults is often considered a second-line option when the first fails. – Gastric bypass means bypassing the stomach or partial bypassing the stomach. Food passes through the faster route and does not linger in the stomach, which means that the absorption is not so high – explains Professor Koszutski.

Surgeons performed bariatric surgery

Natalia was the first pediatric patient to be operated on in this way in Poland. – Gastric bypass surgery is also associated with malabsorption – explains doctor Krakowczyk. – We strive to ensure that children after operations acquire new eating habits, but we also have to make sure that they do not have deficiencies – he adds.

Bariatric operations in children are performed only in two hospitals in Poland and only when necessary. So far, over 30 such procedures have been performed in Katowice. Tertiary obesity affects those whose BMI exceeds 40. It used to be extremely rare.

– This problem has been growing very strongly and is still changing a lot, it was actually a few percent among children with obesity, and now it is up to 25 percent of all children with this disease – points out Professor Paweł Matusik from the Medical University of Silesia.

Before the second operation, Natalia motivated herself and lost weight to 120 kilograms, after the operation she lost another 10. – This is Natalka’s inner motivation. She already watches what she eats, watches her hours. She is older and already knows what it’s all about, admits the teenager’s mother. She is sure she will succeed this time.

Author:Anna Wilczyńska, asty//now

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