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National Bank of Poland. The NBP Bank Guard is to have new uniforms, there is a draft regulation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration

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The Bank Guard of the National Bank of Poland will have new uniforms. The changes include the cut, colors and symbolism. There is a draft regulation on this matter. The NBP Banking Guard employs 350 people.

A draft regulation of the Minister of Interior and Administration amending the regulation on internal security services has been published on the website of the Government Legislation Center. The need for the amendment “is dictated by the need to adapt the uniform patterns to the current service requirements and expectations of the employees of the Bank Guard of the National Bank of Poland arising in this regard,” we read in the justification.

The project has been approved and reviewed.

The NBP Bank Guard is to have new uniforms

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According to the authors of the project, “due to the specific nature of the activities of the National Bank of Poland as the constitutionally established central bank of the Republic of Poland, the internal security service operating at NBP should be distinguished from other internal security services operating at other banking entities.” It was emphasized that “this can be achieved by providing individualized and unique uniforms for this service.”

In the draft regulation, the new uniform patterns of NBP Bank Guard employees are divided into official clothing and special clothing intended for employees carrying out convoy tasks when transporting monetary values. In addition to changes in the typeface and colors, which are intended to ensure a uniform visual identification of the National Bank of Poland, changes in symbolism were also proposed.

The proposed regulations state that, for example, in the case of business attire, a short summer jacket and a winter jacket (three quarters with a lining) are to be dark navy blue with gold inscription, and a long-sleeved shirt and a short-sleeved shirt are to be dark navy blue. with epaulettes.

The impact assessment of the regulation attached to the project indicated that the changes would apply to 350 employees of the NBP Bank Guard throughout the country.

When will the changes come into force?

The regulation is to enter into force 14 days from the date of announcement. At the same time, the regulations provide for a transitional period.

“For logistical reasons, it was allowed that within 12 months the NBP Bank Guard could simultaneously use both new uniforms and uniforms that meet the requirements specified in the regulations currently in force,” it was indicated.

According to the project, expenses related to the provision of new uniforms will be covered by the funds allocated for the operation of the NBP Bank Guard within the limit of the NBP Bank Guard’s own funds.

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