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National Center for Research and Development, subsidies. MPs Michał Szczerba and Dariusz Joński showed transcripts of the experts’ assessment

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Members of the Civic Coalition showed transcripts, which show that the experts had a number of comments on the project, for which the National Center for Research and Development wanted to allocate PLN 123 million in subsidies. As Michał Szczerba reported, this subsidy was “blocked”.

Members of the Civic Coalition Dariusz Joński and Michał Szczerba reveal further facts about subsidy from the National Center for Research and Development. A subsidy of PLN 55 million was allocated to a 26-year-old who founded the company after the announcement of the recruitment for the competition with a share capital of PLN 5,000, and PLN 123 million to a company from Białystok, which – as determined by the deputies – since its establishment in 2020, which loss-making year.

Last week Central Anti-Corruption Bureau started an inspection at the National Center for Research and Development. The deputies also submitted an application for control to the Supreme Audit Office and notified the EU institution for combating fraud, OLAF.

Members of Parliament showed transcripts of expert opinions

On Wednesday, Joński and Szczerba organized another conference on this matter. – According to the regulations of the National Center for Research and Development, first there is the first assessment phase, and then the examination by experts. There the applicant must appear and questions are asked. We have obtained transcripts from experts’ opinions on the application, which received funding for PLN 123 million – informed Joński.

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The company was to allocate PLN 123 million for a specialized program: “development of solutions in the field of cybersecurity of submarine fiber optic infrastructure based on innovative technology of multi-core fibers and ultra-sensitive threat detection and identification systems”.

Members cited a number of quotes from three experts critical of the project. According to the transcripts obtained by the deputies, the experts said, among other things:

– “I don’t quite know what the goal of the project is supposed to be”, – “I have reservations about the parameters of innovation”, – “I have comments on the experience of the project manager”, – “Everybody lacks the scope of duties, I just don’t know what which person will do the project”, – “The salaries are not market, I do not know where such amounts come from” – “The managing director has no experience in managing research projects”.

Another expert said:

– “The costs knocked me down, because this is a very high-budget project, I won’t mention the remuneration, because of course I would like to earn 1/3 of what they give there”, – “Saying that something is missing and we will do it is a bit too general” , – “It is already on the market at the moment, a similar project is already being carried out by NEC.”

– “The scale of this demonstrator is not justified for me at all, these are huge costs”, – “They failed to justify that the actual technical resources they plan to purchase, in particular the base stations, that they are really necessary for these tests in conditions laboratory”.

Szczerba: We blocked the withdrawal

Szczerba also said he had “good news”. – Together with MP Joński, we blocked the payment of these two subsidies. Neither the company from Bialystok will receive PLN 123 million, nor the money (PLN 55 million) will be received by the company of Mr. Kacper W., he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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