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National Congress of Poland 2050. Szymon Hołownia as chairman. He replied to Donald Tusk

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Szymon Hołownia was elected its chairman during the first national convention of the Poland 2050 party in Łódź. During his speech, he responded to the appeal of the head of the PO, Donald Tusk, regarding a joint opposition list in the parliamentary elections. He stated that “all options” should now be on the table, and “the decision should be made after carefully counting all the options.”

On Saturday, the first national convention of Poland 2050 gathered in Łódź. During the event, the chairman of the National Electoral Commission of Poland 2050, Michał Jaworski, announced that on December 22 last year, the electoral commission registered one candidate for the position of party chairman – he was Simon Holownia.

He added that 311 valid votes were cast for Hołownia’s candidacy in the elections that took place from January 17 to 19, 2023, of which 310 were for Szymon Hołownia. The voter turnout was 83.38 percent.

Szymon Hołownia at the first national convention of Poland 2050 PAP/Marian Zubrzycki

– The hardest part is ahead of me. (…) Responsibility for entering the elections and passing this exam, which is the most important for every political party, said Hołownia after the announcement of the result.

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– Today we are not here for ourselves, not because we are comfortable, to be soft under the “proverb” ass, we are here for others, for those whom we decided to leave our warm slippers, I’m not afraid of this word – serve,” added the party leader.

Hołownia to Tusk: Dear Donald, nothing has changed since our long conversation

He turned to the head of the PO Donald Tusk. – Allow a small parish announcement. Such a small, tiny address to someone who yesterday publicly committed to watching our reunion diligently and waiting for answers to important questions he asked. He formulated this expectation in a cordial, friendly tone. This will also be my answer – said Hołownia.

– Dear Donald, I want to tell you that it’s been a week since our long, cordial conversation and nothing has changed with us. I’m talking about that good, long, cordial conversation we had just before that vote, in which the phrase “I understand you perfectly” was used on both sides so often that only our wives can compete – he said.

– We understand each other well. We both don’t have to prove anything to anyone and nothing has changed for us – he added.

Hołownia: All letters should now be on the table

He admitted that “the time of decision is approaching”, but added that “all of us, like a sniper, have only one bullet, one shot, a decision that cannot be undone.”

– We still – nothing has changed since Friday – we stand in the position we have been standing for many months. All lists should be on the table now, all options, from one list to standalone starts. And the decision should be made after a careful calculation of all variants, so that the matter is based not on our fiery declarations, intuitions and heartfelt indications of our heated minds, or the pressure of the apparatus or other circumstances, but on an objective, reliable analysis – said Hołownia.

Tusk to Hołownia: this is the moment to say yes or no

During Friday’s meeting with the inhabitants of Lublin, Tusk addressed himself with a “heartfelt appeal” to Hołowniaduring the Saturday congress of his grouping to respond to the proposal to run from a joint electoral list in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

– I want to win this election. I’m not interested in any little game. Such stalking or little games will serve no purpose. Today or tomorrow is exactly the moment to say: yes, yes or no, no, said Tusk.

Tusk with a “heartfelt appeal” to Hołownia. “I’m not interested in any little game”TVN24

– Or we go together, because I am absolutely convinced that it will be better and there will be greater guarantees for change, for this great thing, if we go together. But if you don’t, if you don’t want to, at least say so, because there is no more time, this is the last moment, we must prepare for this great event, which this victory may be, Tusk appealed.

Main photo source: PAP/Marian Zubrzycki

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