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National Electoral Commission to Hołownia: please provide the legal basis for the applications regarding the mandates of Kamiński and Wąsik

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On Wednesday, the National Electoral Commission sent a question to the Speaker of the Sejm whether he upholds his conclusions regarding the identification of candidates who can take over the mandate after Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik. It also asks for the legal basis for these applications. – Of course, we will send a letter with a response, but I don’t know how much longer we have to wait for their decision – Szymon Hołownia commented on this inquiry.

National Electoral Commission On Wednesday, it sent the Speaker of the Sejm replies to his letters regarding filling the seats of the Sejm PiS MPs Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik. According to the regulations, the National Electoral Commission must indicate further candidates who ran from the same lists as Kamiński and Wąsik and who received the largest number of votes. Only then can the Marshal of the Sejm start the procedure for filling the vacant seats.

In the response, the National Electoral Commission asked Hołownia whether he would maintain the previously sent requests to indicate the people who could take over the seats after Kamiński and Wąsik. If the answer was affirmative, she also asked him to “indicate the factual and legal basis on which (the Marshal) bases this application, since the decisions of the Supreme Court are contradictory.” When writing about the contradiction, the National Electoral Commission referred to the decisions issued after the Marshal of the Sejm sent its proposals to the National Electoral Commission. unrecognized Chamber of Extraordinary Control and Public Affairs and Chamber of Labor and Social Insurance of the Supreme Court.

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Hołownia responds to the National Electoral Commission

When asked about the PKW letter, Szymon Hołownia assured that the National Electoral Commission would receive answers to its inquiries. He stressed that he did not ask the National Electoral Commission “to initiate the process in the case of Mr. Wąsik, I asked in the case of Mr. Kamiński.” – In the Wąsik case, I have said it many times, I suspended my initiation of this procedure for one simple reason: first I need to understand what happened in the Supreme Court, who stole files from whom, who took what, where and what – said the Speaker of the Sejm.

– As for Mr. Kamiński’s case, we are currently preparing a response to the National Electoral Commission’s letter – he said. He reported that the chairman of the National Electoral Commission, Sylwester Marciniak, draws attention to the contradictory judgments of the Supreme Court in the Kamiński case and asks why certain of these judgments should be chosen. – I will write to him why this ruling should be chosen, about which there is no doubt, and there will be all the legal basis there – assured the Marshal of the Sejm.

Szymon Hołownia added that he believes that Chairman Marciniak “is a man of good will, but with the electoral commission he has, he now has to crack this nut.” – I’m waiting for some decision from them. We will, of course, send a letter with a response, but I don’t know how much longer we have to wait for their decision, he said.

“The National Electoral Commission denies itself?”

Meanwhile, Wirtualna Polska journalist Patryk Michalski pointed out that the National Electoral Commission “demands a legal and factual basis from Szymon Hołownia, although the Commission previously claimed that it had nothing to say in this procedure.” As evidence, he posted on social media a message received on January 11 from the Press Office of the National Electoral Office, which stated that “filling the expired mandate of a member of the Sejm and performing all activities in this regard falls within the competence of the Marshal of the Sejm”, and the only task of the National Electoral Commission in this respect is is to “indicate another candidate to the Speaker of the Sejm”.

What were Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik convicted of?

The parliamentary mandates of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik expired at the end of December 2023 due to a final judgment for abuse of power regarding the so-called the land scandal of 2007.

In 2007, the CBA, headed by Mariusz Kamiński (Maciej Wąsik was his deputy), organized a provocation that was intended to attack the then Minister of Agriculture, Andrzej Lepper. The suspected agents of the Bureau were to offer officials a bribe of several million zlotys for the de-agriculture of a plot of land in Masuria. Due to the leak, no money was transferred and the CBA operation ended in failure. As a result, Lepper was dismissed by the then Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński. The political earthquake led to the collapse of the PiS-Samoobrona-LPR coalition and to premature electionsas a result of which the PO-PSL coalition took power.

Judge Anna Bator-Ciesielska, who announced the final judgment in the case of Kamiński and Wąsik in December 2023, said that their actions years ago, when they headed the CBA, “were far from” the standard of operation of law enforcement agencies within the framework of operational control and provocation. . – The activities undertaken by the defendants described in the judgment were not only illegal (…) They were not activities aimed at detecting crimes, but rather creating the crime – said the judge.

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA – Radek Pietruszka

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