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National forests. Director Józef Kubica on the great battle before the elections. He praises the government of the United Right

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We are strong and ready to win this great battle – said the director of the State Forests, Józef Kubica, at a press conference in the Sejm, referring to the autumn parliamentary elections. He expressed the opinion that “the Polish right will now show its great power.” Politicians from Solidarna Polska also took part in the press conference.

Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow informed in social media that at Tuesday’s meeting the government adopted a position in defense of Polish forests. As announced during a press conference in the Sejm, the deputy head of the ministry, Edward Siarka (Solidarity Poland) in the adopted resolution, “the Polish government clearly draws attention to (…) always complying with the provisions that say that forests are the exclusive competence of nation states”.

– This is a fundamental issue for us today when it comes to the issues of defending sovereignty, defending our economic interests and also the great achievements of foresters developed over a hundred years of operation of the State Forests – he added.

Director of the State Forests and politicians of Solidarna Polska at a press conference in the SejmTVN24

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Director of the State Forests: The Polish right will show great power

The conference was attended by the Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Edward Siarka, and the Deputy Minister of Justice, Michał Woś (Solidarna Polska), also by the Director General of the State Forests, Józef Kubica, who said that he was very happy that “the government of the United Right supported our initiative to defend Polish forests “. We are strong and ready to win this big 2023 election battle in the fall. I think we will manage, that the Polish right will now show its great power, he added.

Marek Józefiak, spokesman for Greenpeace Polska, referred to the words of director Kubica.

“Does anyone still have any doubts that ziobrists have made the State Forests their annex?” – the spokesperson of Greenpeace Polska asked on Twitter. He shared Kubica’s statement, who is also a councilor of the Silesian Voivodeship council for Law and Justice.

Judgment of the CJEU on forests

Opposition among politicians of the ruling party and foresters was raised, among others, by the proposal to transfer forestry from national competences to common competences of the European Union. In January this year, the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety of the European Parliament issued a positive opinion on the revision of the Treaties, which would transfer forestry from a national competence to a so-called shared competence between the EU and the Member States. The unanimous consent of all EU countries is required to amend the treaties.

Also in early March Court of Justice of the European Union in its judgment considered that nature conservation organizations should have the right to challenge forest management plans in court. The case concerned a complaint against Poland by the European Commission.

The Commission accused Poland of violating the provisions of the Habitats and Birds Directives by introducing into national law provisions according to which “good practice forest management does not infringe any nature protection provisions under the above-mentioned directives”. The second allegation concerned the inability of environmental protection organizations to challenge forest management plans to court.

Main photo source: TVN24

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