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National Reconstruction Plan. Discussion in the European Parliament

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On Wednesday, the European Parliament held a debate on the complex national reconstruction plans that have not yet been approved by the European Commission. The majority of MEPs voted in favor of approving the plans of Poland and Hungary, but only on condition that all reservations are taken into account by these countries.

The European Commission announced on Monday that is still in talks with Poland on the approval of the National Reconstruction Plan. The adoption of the plan by the European Commission opens the way for the payment of funds to Poland from the Reconstruction Fund. Poland is to have around EUR 58 billion at its disposal.


On this issue, on Wednesday, the European Parliament held a debate on the complex national reconstruction plans, which have not yet been approved by the European Commission.

The opposition is asking about the reasons for the delay in the approval of the Polish Reconstruction Plan

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The opposition politicians first of all wanted to know the reasons for the delay in the acceptance of the Polish KPO. – We would like to know how the negotiations are going. The Polish government does not want to show what the Reconstruction Plan is all about to its parliament. He does not want to show Poles what the negotiations are about, said Jan Olbrycht, MEP of the Civic Platform.

– We hear from government representatives, also from colleagues today, that the Commission is in full conflict with the Polish government, that the Commission is blackmailing, that the Commission is waging a hybrid war with Poland, he reminded. – We would like to know what demands the Commission has made based on the regulations and what is the response of the Polish government – he added.

Discussion in the European ParliamentJean-Francois Badias / PAP / EPA

– Is it true that this document is simply not complete and does not meet all the criteria and principles set out in the regulation, inter alia, for reasons of transparency, which was mentioned, or the structure of the monitoring committee – said Andrzej Halicki.

MEP of the Civic Platform wondered whether the application of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to the Constitutional Tribunal, if the plan was approved, would allow the funds to be released. – Does it also delay them? – He was asking.

PiS politicians accuse the Commission of breaking European law

Former Prime Minister Beata Szydło from Law and Justice started her speech by criticizing the statements of other MEPs, which – as she said – “hit Poland as if Poland was an unruly country and did not respect European values”. – I think that many of you who said this would be happy and would like to live in such a law-abiding and respecting European country – she added.

– I do not see a connection between the approval of the KPO and the judgment of the CJEU in the case of the Disciplinary Chamber – said Jadwiga Wiśniewska. MEP of Law and Justice argued that the administration of justice is the competence of the Member States.

– Due to its slowness, the Commission not only violates European law, but in fact shows that it is not about the economy, but about politics and ideology. You are not a super government. You are breaking the law and you are breaking European law – she added.

Main photo source: Jean-Francois Badias / PAP / EPA

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