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Friday, October 22, 2021

National Reconstruction Plan. European Commission: negotiations are ongoing, we do not have an evaluation of the plan

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The European Commission is still discussing the approval of the National Reconstruction Plan with Poland. The adoption of the KPO by the Commission will open the way for the payment of funds to Poland from the Reconstruction Fund. In the opinion of the Minister for the European Union, Konrad Szymański, there are no grounds for the European Commission to suspend the issuing of a decision on this matter.

The spokeswoman The European Commission Dana Spinant announced at a conference in Brussels that the Commission is still in talks with Poland on the approval of the National Reconstruction Plan. – In the case of Poland, the negotiations are ongoing. We do not have an evaluation of the plan yet. (…) We are still in talks with our partners in Warsaw. We have no goals when it comes to the date, she said.

The European Commission also said that it has still not issued an opinion on the Hungarian national reconstruction plan.



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Szymański: We don’t see any grounds to postpone this decision

On Thursday, EU Minister Konrad Szymański said: – I think that funds for the National Reconstruction Plan will be delivered to Poland before the end of the year. In his opinion, the European Commission has no grounds to suspend issuing a decision on this matter and assessed that the Commission “is already operating without any legal basis”.

– Like several other countries, we did not receive the funds (…). The Polish Reconstruction Plan is subject to arrangements by the Polish government, Minister (Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Waldemar) Buda is in working contact with the European Commission – said Szymański. – We do not see any grounds today for postponing this decision. For some reason, the European Commission is delaying this decision. There was no official opinion on this matter from the Commission – he added.

Asked when the KPO money will go to Poland, the minister for European affairs replied: – I think it will be delivered before the end of the year.

He also said that at least some of the Commission wanted to close the case. He assured that also on the side of the Polish government “there are many people who want to clear this matter and close it”.

EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs: discussions are ongoing

The European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni, said at the beginning of September during a meeting of the European Parliament’s joint economic and budgetary committees that discussions on the Polish KPO were ongoing.

– This is a matter of the requirements for our regulations, recommendations for individual European Union countries, as well as discussions, which the Polish authorities know very well, about the primacy of EU law and the potential consequences of this issue on the Polish National Reconstruction Plan – explained Gentiloni at the time.

The National Reconstruction Plan is to be the basis for Poland to use the Reconstruction Fund for additional funds from the EU to fight the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the economy. The KPO has to be prepared by each member state and sent to the European Commission. From the Reconstruction Fund, Poland is to have around EUR 58 billion at its disposal.

What was included in the National Reconstruction Plan?

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