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National Reconstruction Plan. Marek Suski: I don’t need KPO, what I have is enough for bread

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I don’t need money from the National Recovery Plan. What I have is enough for my bread, said Marek Suski, MP of Law and Justice, to TVN24 reporter Radomir Wit on Wednesday. He assessed that the ruling camp had fulfilled “all milestones” in this matter, and the funds were being blocked by the opposition.

PiS MP Mark Suski was asked on Wednesday by TVN24 reporter Radomir Wit in the gardens of the Chancellery of the Sejm in Warsaw if he wanted money from the National Reconstruction Plan. – I don’t want money from KPO, I don’t need it. What I have is enough for bread, he replied.

– And other Poles, do you think that they would not like local investments with this money at home? the TVN24 reporter asked.

– Sir, the KPO is unfortunately being blocked by our opposition – said the PiS MP.

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– But you did not fulfill the milestones – said Radomir Wit.

– We have completed all milestones. Thank you very much to TVN – Marek Suski ended the conversation.

Suski: I don’t need KPO money. What I have is enough for breadTVN24

What about the National Recovery Plan?

The Polish KPO is over PLN 115 billion in subsidies and PLN 50 billion in loans. The condition on the part of the European Union was the so-called milestones, which are related to compliance with the law. Their completion is necessary for the withdrawal of funds.

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After long negotiations Law and Justice prepared a bill to guarantee their payment, but this time it was opposed by politicians Zbigniew Ziobro. Ultimately, the act went to the Constitutional Tribunal, but here too there is a stalemate, because the Tribunal has not been able to gather to evaluate it for months. The president himself appealed to the Constitutional Tribunal to “stand out”. The full bench on this matter has still not been assembled, so PiS is trying to change the size of the so-called full bench.

At the moment, only five countries do not have money for KPO: Poland, HungaryIreland, Netherlands and Sweden, but most objections are to Poland and Hungary. In other European Union countries, the money is already there, working and supplying their economies. Some countries have even received the second tranche of money.

Main photo source: TVN24

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