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National Reconstruction Plan, milestones. Marek Suski on the government’s obligations: we can introduce, we can not introduce

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PiS MP Marek Suski said that the commitments to implement reforms made by the government in the annex to the National Reconstruction Plan were “stupid demands” and “inventions of the opposition.” – I understand that this is a further step in the liquidation of the Polish state, a planned policy of the European Union – he said.

The Polish National Reconstruction Plan accepted by Brussels assumes that Poland will receive billions of euros in support from the European Union. For this to happen, Poland must implement the so-called milestones. In the annex to the KPO, the government undertook to introduce a number of changes – a total of 48 reforms linked to 115 milestones.

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Suski: there were supposed to be no stupid demands

Marek Suski, MP and deputy head of the Law and Justice club, was asked about the obligations of the Polish government in RMF FM. – I can only say that the prime minister said that these were some ideas of the opposition. We’ll see how it will be, ‘he replied.

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The interviewer indicated that the government undertook, inter alia, to establish a Monitoring Committee by the end of June, which will supervise the implementation of the so-called milestones. – I understand that this is a further step in the liquidation of the Polish state. The planned policy of the European Union. I think that these ideas of the European Union are in this direction – said Suski.

At the remark of the host of the program that Suski himself voted for the KPO, he replied: – For what? Not. Yes, for the National Reconstruction Plan, yes, but not for any annexes. Nobody introduced us to this sort of thing at all. (…) There was supposed to be no stupid postulates related to this National Reconstruction Plan.

Marek SuskiLeszek Szymański / PAP

Suski: Intentions conceived by the EU. We can bring it in, we can not do it

Suski stated that “these are the program postulates of the opposition, which they are trying to throw through abroad so that the Polish government implements them”. – And the Polish government will not implement the opposition’s program – he declared.

– These are the intentions that the Union has imagined. But it is not said that we must implement it. We can talk about it, we can introduce it, we can not introduce it. “They will be aiming for something” does not mean that they have to be hard – argued Suski.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański / PAP

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