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National Reconstruction Plan. The European Union paid out huge funds, Poland without a cent

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Following today’s payment of €6 billion to Spain, the European Commission has so far transferred more than €150 billion to EU Member States under the Recovery Fund, Brussels reported on Friday. The value of the Recovery Fund is approximately EUR 800 billion. No money has yet flowed to Poland. The reason is reservations regarding the implementation of the so-called milestones.

European Commission launched on Friday online interactive map presenting projects supported by the Fund and implemented by EU countries. The map – according to the European Commission – is to contribute to further increasing the transparency of the functioning of the Fund and its impact on European Union citizens, enterprises and civil society.

Implementation of national recovery plans

The map will be updated regularly as new information becomes available. It allows anyone to take a ‘virtual tour’ of the implementation of Member States’ national recovery plans. It indicates the geographical location of investments in the European Union countries and provides information on their current situation, i.e. a brief description of the progress of their implementation, as well as related next steps. The map will guide users through more than 100 reforms that Member States have implemented or are implementing as part of their recovery and resilience plans, such as the Spain a new tax on single-use plastic packaging, simplification of installation permitting procedures renewable energy sources in Greece or anti-corruption reforms in Croatia.

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The same applies to more than 250 investments currently on the map, such as the launch of a tender procedure for a transport system in the Latvian capital Riga or the introduction of a flat-rate public transport season ticket in Austria. Under the Recovery Fund, European Union Member States receive funding after successfully completing pre-agreed milestones and targets that correspond to the different stages of implementing reforms and investments.

Poland still without KPO funds

June 1, 2022 National Reconstruction Plan and Increasing Immunity has been approved by the European Commission. On June 17, the KPO was approved by the EU Council. So far, however, no money from KPO has been sent to Poland due to reservations regarding the implementation of the so-called milestones concerning e.g. the rule of law. In the case of our country, it is a total of over EUR 35 billion in the form of subsidies and preferential loans from the EU fund for rebuilding the economy after the pandemic.

The amendment to the law on the Supreme Court, which was supposed to allow for the fulfillment of a milestone regarding the rule of law, went to the Constitutional Tribunal. Motion to the Constitutional Tribunal regarding the President’s amendment Andrzej Duda submitted on February 21.

According to the assurances of the government, the lack of money from the KPO does not mean that the projects included in the program are not implemented. Government spokesman Piotr Mueller last week indicated that “KPO programs are implemented as part of national pre-financing”, i.e. from national funds. Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak, in response to Gill-Piątek’s interpellation, informed that PFR has so far paid pre-financing in the total amount of PLN 461,428.57 thousand. PLN for five investments implemented under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

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