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National Reconstruction Plan. Ursula Von der Leyen on the terms of payment and approval of the Polish KPO

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A debate on the Polish National Reconstruction Plan is taking place in the European Parliament. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the approval of the plan was linked in particular to “clear commitments by Poland in the field of independent justice”. – I assure you that no money will be paid out until these reforms are implemented – she added.

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen participates in the event organized on Tuesday in The European Parliament debate on Poland.

– Last week the European Commission after a year of negotiations, she gave the green light to Poland Of the National Reconstruction Planafter careful evaluation. Now the Council has to decide this. This plan will support Poles on their path to a more sustainable, digital and resilient future. The path we all agreed to take. But the plan will do more, and that’s what we’re discussing here today. Because, as in all recovery plans, these investments are linked to reforms. The approval of this plan is connected, in particular, with Poland’s clear obligations in the field of an independent judiciary, she said.

– These commitments are aimed at delivering on the three elements that I presented to you at the plenary session last October. And I talked about them again when I was in Warsaw last week. Let me repeat them. Firstly, the current Disciplinary Chamber must be abolished and replaced by an independent and impartial tribunal legally established, continued the head of the European Commission.

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As she said, this means that the new chamber, which is to replace the Disciplinary Chamber, “must be significantly different from the current one in order to comply with the requirements of Of the Court of Justice (European Union – note ed.) “.

– Second, the disciplinary system must be reformed. Controversial disciplinary offenses – such as referring to the Court of Justice of the European Union – must be removed, questioning the status of another judge cannot be considered an offense, said the head of the European Commission.

– Thirdly, all judges affected by the decisions of the Disciplinary Chamber should have the right to have their cases heard by the new chamber within a clear deadline and on the basis of a new system in which there will be no such offenses, von der Leyen enumerated.

Von der Leyen on the terms of the payout

– I want to make it very clear. These three commitments, translated into milestones, must be met before any funds are disbursed. I know some of you are skeptical, but I assure you that no money will be paid out until these reforms are implemented. The first payment will only be possible when a new law comes into force that meets all these requirements, von der Leyen assured the audience.

– In addition, Poland must prove by the end of 2023 that all judges who were unlawfully dismissed from their functions have been reinstated. If it doesn’t, there will be no payoff, she continued.

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