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NATO Air Policing. Planes touched up a record number of times

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NATO aircraft participating in the Air Policing mission flew 15 flights last week to identify and escort Russian aircraft violating air traffic rules in international airspace. The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense reported that this is a record number of weekly interceptions over the Baltic Sea during the year.

Last week (June 5-11) planes FOR THIS hacked 15 times. The Lithuanian Defense Ministry announced on Monday that this is the largest weekly number of aircraft intercepted over the Baltic Sea over the past year, and this is related to the large-scale NATO exercises currently being conducted.

In a statement from the ministry in Vilnius, it was reported that NATO duty groups intercepted, among others, Russian Il-20, Su-27, Su-24MR, Su-30, An-30 and An-26 aircraft at that time.

“A busy weekend for the Royal Air Force (UK Air Force – ed.), performing an Air Policing mission in Estoniawhich were scrambled three times for routine operations to intercept Russian aircraft near NATO airspace,” the Allied Air Force Command wrote.

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The message added that the British machines in cooperation with the air force FinlandPortugal, Romania and Sweden were escorted by Russian planes that “did not comply with international safety standards”.

Activity of the Russians during NATO exercises

“This is due to the fact that the Baltic states are currently conducting a series of large-scale exercises, both in the air, on land and at sea, both at the national level and in cooperation with NATO allies,” explained the defense ministry, quoted by the agency. BNS.

The ministry reminded that the two-week international BALTOPS 23 exercise began in the Baltic Sea on June 4. “The Russian Federation collects information about the forces participating in these exercises and conducts its own exercises,” the statement said.

On Monday, with of the Baltic States have also begun the largest international aviation exercise Air Defender 2023. As part of them, 14 NATO aircraft took off and landed simultaneously from the Lithuanian air base in Šiauliai on Monday, the Lithuanian armed forces announced.

“This operation allowed us to test the ability of air forces from different countries to work together, and Lithuania will test its ability to supply a large number of aircraft,” the Ministry of Defense wrote in a statement.

Soldiers from 18 countries take part in the Air Defender 2023 exercises under the command of the Luftwaffe. It is the largest air force redeployment exercise since NATO was founded 74 years ago. The purpose of the maneuvers is to optimize and expand cooperation between the members of the alliance and their armed forces.

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