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NATO Summit in Vilnius. Volodymyr Zelensky met with Jens Stoltenberg. Joint press conference

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When the Russian invasion is over, Ukraine will have security guarantees so that the history of aggression by Moscow will never be repeated, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday in Vilnius, taking part in a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “Thank you for the proposals for new defense packages and support from our partners,” the Ukrainian leader said. After the conference, the inaugural meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council began.

President Ukraine Voldymyr Zelensky met on Wednesday, the second day of the summit FOR THISwith NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. After the meeting, the politicians held a joint press conference.

“We have confirmed that Ukraine will become a member of NATO and we will facilitate its path to the Alliance,” Stoltenberg said. – We will be with you as long as it takes – assured the head of NATO. “Today we meet as equals, I look forward to the day when we meet as allies,” he said.

As he said, “Putin underestimated the courage of Ukrainians, the determination of its politicians, but also the unity and strength of NATO.”

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Zelensky and Stoltenberg at the NATO summit in VilniusPAP/EPA/PHILIP SINGER

Stoltenberg recalled that the members of the Alliance had agreed on a new package of military support for Ukraine. – Our new multi-annual program will help you (Ukraine – ed.) in the transformation from the Soviet era to NATO standards – emphasized Stoltenberg.

“There’s a war going on in Europe and there’s no option that doesn’t involve risk right now. . . . We must support Ukraine, because it would be a tragedy if President Putin were to win, and it would also pose a threat to Europe,” Stoltenberg said, answering journalists’ questions.

Zelensky: I thank all the leaders for offering us help

“We discussed what more we could do to keep our people safe. We have some positive news regarding new weapons, Zelensky said. “Thank you to all the leaders for offering us this help,” he added.

Speaking about the expected security guarantees, he reminded that Kiev wanted “security guarantees not instead of NATO membership, but for the duration of the country’s accession to the Alliance.”

Zelensky: Our cooperation with NATO partners is something that will certainly fill the security deficitTVN24

“The results of the NATO summit in Vilnius are good, but if Ukraine were invited to join NATO, we could consider them ideal,” Zelensky said. – We value the recognition of our efforts – he assured, not concealing that a declaration of the exact timeframe for his country’s accession to NATO would be more satisfactory for him than mere offers of military assistance.

The President of Ukraine also recognized that in the face of aggression from Russia all Ukrainians have already achieved success, both soldiers fighting at the front and ordinary citizens. Zelensky called opposing Russia “a war for freedom and human rights“.

After a joint conference, the President of Ukraine and the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance went to the inaugural meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council.

Main photo source: Valdemar Doveiko/PAP

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