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NATO Summit in Washington. Joe Biden: Ukraine Can and Will Stop Putin

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Starting his speech, the US president emphasized that the North Atlantic Alliance is currently the strongest in its history. According to Joe Biden, all allied countries are doing work that increases security in many regions and prevents autocrats from taking power.

In the following part the president United States focused on the current situation of the Alliance in the context of the war in Ukraine. Joe Biden he has repeatedly stated that Russia will lose the military clash and Ukraine will defend its sovereignty.

– Putin only wants the complete subordination of Ukraine, the end of Ukrainian democracy, the destruction of Ukrainian culture and the erasure of Ukraine from the map. And you know that Putin will not stop at Ukraine – he emphasized.

Ukraine can and will stop Putin – added.

Continuing his speech, Joe Biden announced further military aid packages for Kiev. The politician announced that Germanythe Netherlands, Romania and Italy will soon supply Ukraine “dozens of additional tactical air defense systems“.

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– I'm announcing today historic transfer of air defense equipment to Ukraine (…) Ukraine will also receive hundreds of interceptor missiles for the air defense system. This will help protect Ukrainian cities from Russian missiles. It will also protect Ukrainian soldiers who are attacked on the front line, he said.

During the summary of the speech, the US President invited the Secretary General to the stage NATO Jens Stoltenberg. Joe Biden thanked him for his many years of work to strengthen the Alliance and presented the highest honor in the United States “Presidential Medal of Freedom”.

NATO Summit. Jens Stoltenberg Points Out NATO's Opponents

The event was also opened with a speech by Jens Stoltenberg. The NATO Secretary General recalled that today's event is taking place in the same place where the founding meeting of the Alliance took place 75 years earlier.

– The leaders formed a group with a clear to preserve peace and protect freedom – he said, adding that the North Atlantic Pact is – the most successful alliance in historylasting longer than any other.

In the next part of the speech, the politician focused on the current situation of the Alliance, especially in the context of the war in Ukraine. He emphasized that the resolution of the conflict will have its global consequences for decades.

– Russia's Victory he will dare Iran, North Korea and China. All these countries want NATO to fail, he stressed.

– There is no cost-free option with an aggressive Russia as a neighbor. There is no risk-free option in war. The biggest cost and the biggest risk will be a Russian victory in Ukraine. We cannot allow this, he added.

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