NATO Summit. Joe Biden: Russia is in war mode. Each of us commits to strengthening the industrial base


Russia has shifted its economy to war mode. It is doing so with the help of China, North Korea and Iran. We cannot allow NATO to fall behind, declared US President Joe Biden, opening the meeting of NATO leaders in Washington. He announced that the allies would commit to increasing investments in the production and purchase of weapons “for the first time in history”. The head of the alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, stated that “supporting Ukraine is not charity”. “It is in our interest,” he argued.

– Today we are stronger than ever before – he said. Joe Biden on the top FOR THIS in Washington, just before the official commencement of the proceedings.

He noted that since he took office as president USAthe number of NATO battle groups on the eastern flank of the Alliance was doubled, Finland and Sweden joined NATO, and the number of allies spending at least 2 percent of GDP on defense rose from nine to 23.

– It is not a coincidence, it is choice – he argued. – 75 years ago we modernized our deterrence capability, our defense capability. Today we have to ask ourselves: what now? How can we make our shield stronger? – Biden said.

He stressed that “our response must be to strengthen our industrial base.” – Currently Russia has shifted its economy to war mode, has significantly increased its production of weapons, ammunition and vehicles. It does this with the help of ChinNorth Korea and Iran. We cannot allow our Alliance to be left behind, the US president said.

He expressed satisfaction with the fact that today “all NATO members are making a commitment to strengthen the industrial base” of the Alliance.

– Our defense spending commitment is a key step to increase our security. For the first time in history, every NATO country is committing to strengthening the industrial base at home. This will make us more innovative and competitive, and we will be able to produce more military equipment faster. We cannot allow anyone to outdo us in terms of combat readiness – Biden said.

He announced that the allies would sign a commitment to increase spending on the production and purchase of weapons, and to spend this money more effectively.

Stoltenberg: Supporting Ukraine is not charity, it is in our interest

The Secretary General of NATO, who appeared before him Jens Stoltenbergsaid the North Atlantic Council would discuss on Wednesday increasing long-term military support for Ukraine, including establishing a command to coordinate supplies and training for the Ukrainian army.

– Supporting Ukraine is not alms, it is in our interest – he stressed.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson is participating in the meeting of the Alliance's leaders for the first time.

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