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Natural gas – how much gas was sent through the Baltic Pipe in 2022? Gaz-System data, PGNiG position

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In August last year, PGNiG assured that it would fully use the transmission capacity of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, and the gas transmission would amount to approximately 800 million cubic meters. Were you able to achieve this price? According to the responses sent to TVN24 Biznes by PGNiG and the gas pipeline operator Gaz-System, no.

In August 2022, during the results conference, the then vice-president of PGNiG Przemysław Wacławski announced that the company would fill the entire available capacity of the gas pipeline Baltic Pipe available in Q4 2022.

– Everything indicates that in the fourth quarter (2022) this pipeline will be operational, not at 100 percent capacity, but at 30-38 percent. We will fill this level in its entirety, it will be approximately 800 million cubic meters – said Wacławski.

We asked PGNiG whether this goal was achieved and we asked for data on the transmission via the Baltic Pipe.

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PGNiG on Baltic Pipe transmission data

“Data on flows at entry points to the national transmission system, including the FAXE point, are published by the transmission system operator Gaz-System. PKN ORLEN (as a result of the merger PGNiG became part of PKN Orlen in November 2022 – ed.) has not yet confirmed with the operator data on own imports via the Baltic Pipe in December 2022, therefore we cannot currently provide information on the volume of transmission carried out through this gas pipeline in 2022″ – wrote TVN24 Biznes in a reply January 10th 2023 Communication and Marketing Department – PGNiG Central Branch in Warsaw.

Baltic Pipe – gas transmission in 2022

Next, we asked Gaz-System for data on the transmission via the Baltic Pipe.

“I would like to inform you that over 600 million cubic meters of natural gas was sent to Poland via the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline in the period from October 1 to December 31, 2022, via the Faxe entry point,” TVN24 Biznes reported on January 13, 2023, Iwona Dominiak, spokeswoman Gaz-System.

She also pointed out that “the Baltic Pipe was launched on October 1, 2022, but has reached its full capacity as of December 1, 2022”, and “the final settlement data for collective gas transmission for 2022, confirmed by relevant protocols, will be available in February this year. “.

Orlen on the transmission of gas via the Baltic Pipe

In the message of January 10, the Communication and Marketing Department of PGNiG explained that “the level of imports depends on a number of factors, including in particular the transmission capacities provided by operators”.

“It is worth recalling that the Danish transmission system operator Energinet in October 2022 did not provide capacity at the Entry North Sea entry point, while in the period October-November 2022 it provided only part of the capacity at the FAXE exit point. For technical reasons, attributable to Energinet, therefore, it was not possible to use the entire level of long-term capacity reservations. Moreover, the amount of natural gas imports by the company depends on the demand situation and current balancing needs,” emphasized PGNiG.

At the same time, he assured that “natural gas supplies for the needs of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline are secured by PKN Orlen, to a large extent, based on its own production from deposits in Norwayas well as for gas contracted from producers operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and from markets directly connected to the Baltic Pipe infrastructure.

“The company has a diversified gas procurement portfolio, thanks to which it ensures full coverage of the needs of customers in Poland in the 2022/2023 heating season. This portfolio, apart from supplies of gas from the Norwegian Continental Shelf, includes, among others, domestic extraction, LNG deliveries to terminals in Świnoujście and Klaipeda, as well as stocks accumulated in domestic underground gas storage facilities, which are currently 96 percent full.

PAP/Maciej Zieliński, Adam Ziemienowicz

Baltic Pipe

Baltic Pipe is a joint investment of gas transmission system operators from Poland and Denmark – Gaz-System and Energinet. Gaz-System is the owner and operator of the part starting on the shore of the Danish island of Zeeland and running to Poland along the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Construction was completed in 2022, with the exception of two sections in Denmark, where work was suspended for several months in 2021 due to the repeal of environmental permits. Therefore, for the first few months, the system operated only at partial power.

The launch of the Baltic Pipe gas transmission, connecting the Norwegian shelf through Denmark with Poland, took place on October 1 this year.

The main user of the Baltic Pipe system is PGNiG – the company has purchased most of the gas pipeline’s transmission capacity, which is ultimately to amount to 10 billion cubic meters. annually. PGNiG will import gas from its own extraction on the Norwegian shelf and purchased from other producers.

Author:Krzysztof Krzykowski

Main photo source: https://www.baltic-pipe.eu/

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