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NBP President Adam Glapiński on Balton bread. Joanna Tyrowicz: I’m fed up with joking aspects at the MPC meeting

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I do not watch the conference of President Glapiński. The day before, at the meeting of the Monetary Policy Council, I have a dress rehearsal, said Professor Joanna Tyrowicz, MPC member, on TVN24. In this way, she referred to the speeches of the President of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapiński, for the media. It also pointed to “several mistakes” made by the central bank.

At last week’s conference, NBP President Adam Glapiński, speaking among others about inflation and rising food prices, he devoted a few sentences to the bread he eats. He said he preferred “modest Balton bread”. – It’s very good, it’s normal bread. There are no raisins, no nuts, but it is bread. It’s not some flatbread, it’s not some bread substitute, it’s not parabread. This is normal plain bread, good, he said.

Professor Joanna Tyrowicz, a member of the Monetary Policy Council, was a guest in “Piasecki’s Conversation”. The moderator asked her if there were discussions about the prices of Balton bread during Council meetings.

“There are humorous aspects in meetings, humorous aspects for those who find them funny,” she replied. She noted that she herself “has enough” of such moments.

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She admitted that she does not watch the press conferences of the President of the National Bank of Poland because “she has a lot of work”. – It’s not my joke, but I don’t want to attribute it to the author, because I might get him into trouble. I have a dress rehearsal the day before, she added, referring to the meetings of the MPC.

President of the National Bank of Poland, Adam GlapińskiRafał Guz/PAP

Professor Tyrowicz on “several mistakes” of the central bank

Tyrowicz spoke about “several mistakes” of the central bank. – The level of rates is one of them, communication on this matter is the second one, the conduct of the chairman’s conference is the third one. These things put together mean that hardly anyone in Poland knows what to expect from monetary policy, and in particular, it is unclear what its purpose is, she stressed.

– I made an appointment with the president [Glapińskim – przyp. red.]that for the next meeting I will prepare such a statement – for which one [godzinę – red.] what time did the conference start, how long did he talk, how much time was there for questions. We will show it against the background of other self-respecting central banks, said the MPC member.

Asked by the host, she said that in other central banks communication looks “slightly” different and is “more about facts”.

Main photo source: Rafał Guz/PAP

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