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NBP President Adam Glapiński on the “miracle of the Polish economy”: we have not had such success since the partitions

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According to the president of the National Bank of Poland, we are currently dealing with a “miracle of the Polish economy”. – We have not had such successes since the partitions – assessed the head of the NBP. As he said, Poland is able to ensure dynamic development without EU funds.

The head of the NBP assessed during Congress 590 in Warsaw that “if a terrible disease – knock on – does not come, we are entering a period of very high growth rate”.

– And the growth rate of Poles’ affluence will also be very fast. We maintained wage growth and all the elements that the government has cared for all the time. The minimum wage has increased tremendously, and we have eliminated extreme poverty. We haven’t had such success since the partitions, he said.

NBP President on the “miracle of the Polish economy”

As he added, we are dealing with a “miracle of the Polish economy”. – This is the Polish economic miracle. This is a much greater miracle than in the German economy. After the war, there was talk of a German economic miracle. After all, we have a much greater economic miracle, in numbers it looks overwhelmingly in our favor. Without foreign aid, because we practically did not receive this help. What we got from the European Union was the price for making our market available. This is a normal, two-way beneficial process – said Glapiński.

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He added that “you can count for whom is more beneficial”, but it depends “on what data is taken”. – But this is not one-sided aid that we receive – he stressed.

As he said, despite the challenges, Poland has “excellent development prospects” ahead of it. – Really, you have to believe it, we are such a middle economic power. After 20 years, we can be an incredibly attractive economy from the point of view of the world. We are already from the point of view of foreign investments, because we can see this potential – a resource of people we have, perfectly educated, motivated, cultured, law-abiding, easily adapting to new organizations and techniques. We have a stable political system, democracy functions well, although some people want to weaken it, Glapiński emphasized.

He added that “it is a rarity”, then rhetorically asked: – Where is it like this in the world?

Glapiński: without EU funds, we can ensure dynamic development

– Foreign capital, such a banking one, now either wants to Poland, but wants higher rates, or to South America, where there are higher rates of return, but the durability of democratic, state and political systems is difficult to say – said the President of the National Bank of Poland.

He stressed that “we have everything”. – There is 100% security, typical of the Western order. There is this economic dynamism and there are resources. And our resources are already huge. We are able to expand nuclear energy without foreign funds. Without EU funds, with which I am now blackmailing us, we are able to ensure this dynamic development – said Glapiński.

He added that “most of these funds are loans anyway, and we can take any loans we want.” – At the moment, we do not take any loan as a country or as the National Bank of Poland. The whole world comes to us and wants to borrow from us. The International Monetary Fund does not grant us a loan and we do not negotiate its repayment terms, as it was before. We make loans to the International Monetary Fund as part of normal international cooperation. This is the situation. We have no shortage of resources and there will be no shortage of them – he concluded.

Main photo source: PAP / Rafał Guz

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