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NBP President Andrzej Glapiński: Bread and butter prices are not so high. Comments from entrepreneurs, customers and experts

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During Thursday’s press conference, the president of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapiński, said that he visited stores with a notebook and a pen and it turned out that “the price of bread is much lower than reported”. On Friday, the TVN24 reporter went with the camera to the bakery in Poznań, where we checked the prices in September, and compared them with the current ones. Customers commented that “we feel the increases very much”. The baker complained that “due to the lack of customers, we bake 30 to 50 percent less bread.”

During Thursday’s press conference President Adam Glapiński referred to food prices in the country. He emphasized that “there are signals of positive processes”. He noted that they will be transferred to the market with a certain delay, so that we “start to feel it in our pockets”. But then he suggested that he was positively surprised and “very surprised” by the prices in the stores he visited with a notebook and a pen. – Contrary to some TV stations – not owned by Polish capital, so to speak generally – the price of bread is much lower than reported there, the price of butter is much lower and so on – said the President of the National Bank of Poland.

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He added that such research is carried out not only in the capital, but also throughout the country, and he encourages them.

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Prices go up sharply

Nadia Jóźwiak, a TVN24 reporter, visited one of the bakeries in Poznań on Friday – the same one where we checked the prices in September. In three months, the prices of almost every product have jumped. And so: Zakopane bread cost PLN 5.20 in September, and now it is PLN 0.30 more. Buttermilk bread is also more expensive (5.40 then, now 5.90) ​​and rye bread (the price went up from PLN 6 to PLN 6.50). Buns are also more expensive. In September, you had to pay PLN 1 for one, now PLN 1.20.

– We feel the increases very much, we have to calculate, limit ourselves – admits one of the clients.

Entrepreneurs and customers complainTVN24

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– This affects us very much. It is felt more and more – adds another person with whom the journalist spoke.

The owner of the bakery admits that he cannot point to a single item that has not recently become more expensive. Higher production costs mean higher bread prices, which in turn means fewer customers, he explains. – It’s the holiday season. We were usually busy at this time. And due to the lack of customers, we bake 30 to 50 percent less bread, the entrepreneur points out.

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How are the prices of basic items changing in Poland?

How are the prices of basic items changing in Poland?TVN24

Experts surprised

The statements of the NBP president were commented on the air by experts. According to Adrian Zwoliński, an expert on the financial market at Konfederacja Lewiatan, there is no doubt that food prices are rising rapidly. – It is felt, it is visible in studies showing how Poles will shop for Christmas. Such a simple walk around the shops with a notebook and a pen will not change much – he noted.

Andrzej Domański, chief economist of the Civic Institute – a think tank associated with the Civic Platform – said that from Thursday “all of Poland is looking for a bakery or a shop where President Glapiński supplies.” – The experiences of millions of Poles are completely different – he stressed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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