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Nepal. An avalanche descended on Everest. Three people missing

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Three people were carried away by an avalanche on Mount Everest. Masses of snow descended straight to South Col, where one of the most popular trails to the summit runs, taking three guides with it.

Three Nepalese guides were missing on Mount Everest after an avalanche swept away and buried them on Wednesday, the Nepalese Department of Tourism said. The avalanche hit South Col, a popular route to the top of the world’s highest mountain.

“A block of snow fell and buried them”

Masses of snow falling from the slopes carried away three Sherpa guides who were carrying climbing equipment for one of the expeditions to the summit. An avalanche swept them between the southern base camp at 5,350 meters above sea level and the camp at 6,050 meters above sea level. The guides were most likely swept into a crevice.

“A block of snow fell and buried them,” Tourism Department official Yubaraj Khatiwada told Reuters.

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According to local media, the search for the missing guides is underway. Khatiwada added that a helicopter and specialists searching the site of the avalanche are taking part in the rescue operation.

Wednesday’s disaster was the first on Mount Everest during this year’s climbing season, when hundreds of climbers are expected to attempt to summit the world’s highest mountain at 8,849 meters above sea level.

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