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Nepal. Yeti Airlines plane crash, recorded by Sonu Jaiswal

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Shocking video shows that passengers had no idea the plane was in danger – British “Guardian” commented on the video recorded on board the Yeti Airlines plane that crashed while landing in Nepal on Sunday. The video shared on social media shows how passengers, unaware of the problems, recorded an online report admiring the panorama behind the windows of the machine until the last moment.

The video posted on social media shortly after Sunday’s crash is part of a live account shared by 29-year-old Sonu Jaiswala, one of the 68 passengers on board the Yeti Airlines flight. The 98-second video initially shows the inside of the plane and the smiling author flying with a group of friends. Then the reporter points the lens at the window to show the picturesque city of Pokhara, nestled between mountain ranges, approaching below. People on board seem calm, no warning messages or shouts can be heard in the background. – Great fun (Hind. mauj kar di) – probably says the author of the recording.

Suddenly, the video shows the machine tilting sharply to the left, and the passengers start screaming. A short while later there is a loud bang, presumably as the falling plane hits the ground. However, the recording does not stop, you can hear the crushing of the structure and the whistling of the engines slowing down, and violent flames erupt on the vision. Later, smoke-shrouded wreckage of the plane is also seen.

Recording of the crash from the Yeti Airlines planeFacebook – हाम्रो दैलेख

Yeti Airlines crash

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The authenticity of the recording was confirmed by the British “Guardian” and the Indian “Times of India” referring to the friend of its author, 21-year-old Vishal Koswal. According to both editorial offices, the identity of the plane’s passengers visible in the picture was also confirmed by the Nepalese police. The video was also checked by the editors of Konkret24, which confirmed that it was recorded in the town of Pokhara in Nepal. According to the findings of Konkret24, the film had never appeared on the Internet before the disaster.

According to the Guardian, 29-year-old Sonu Jaiswal and three friends went to Pokhara for tourism. The young men planned to visit the surrounding temples, as well as a paragliding flight from the massif of the nearby eight-thousander – Annapurna. A friend of the four passengers, Vishal Koswa, was also supposed to take part in the trip, but had to cancel it due to personal reasons.

– Sonu showed us the mountains. He was clearly excited, so were we (watching the report – ed.), Koswal said in an interview with the Guardian. I still can’t believe we lost them. I can’t watch that video again, it’s so painful. A great tragedy has befallen us,” added the 21-year-old. The Times of India also spoke to the reporter’s cousin, Rajat Jasiwal. “On the broadcast, you could see that Sonu and his companions were in a good mood, but suddenly, just before the end of the broadcast, flames appeared,” he said.

Earlier, another video posted on social media, taken from the outskirts of Pokhara, showed the course of the disaster. It shows how the Yeti Airlines machine is already low over the buildings when approaching for landing, when it suddenly tilts sharply to the left side and falls. The moment of impact with the ground is not visible in this recording, but a loud bang and screams of residents can be heard.

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Yeti Airlines plane crash

15th January Yeti Airlines plane crashed in Nepalwith 72 people on board. At least 68 of them are dead, the fate of four people is unknown. Among the victims are, in addition to Nepalese, m.in. citizens IndiaRussia, Australia, FranceArgentina, Ireland and South Korea.

The crash happened near Pokhara airport. The aircraft hit the side of a shallow ravine and burst into flames. Photos from the crash site show dozens of rescuers searching the slopes of the hill where the plane crashed. The earth around the scattered remains of the machine is scorched.

A witness who arrived shortly after the crash told Reuters that “half of the plane is on the slope and the other half fell into the Seti River Gorge.” Another witness watched the flight from the roof of his house. – I saw the plane shaking, moving left and right. Suddenly his nose dived towards the gorge, he said.

Plane crash in NepalPAP/EPA/BIJAYA NEUPANE

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Main photo source: Facebook/हाम्रो दैलेख

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