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Netherlands, early elections. Will Frans Timmermans leave the position of deputy head of the European Commission?

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The left-wing opposition in the Netherlands, i.e. the Labor Party (PvdA) and the Greens (GreoenLinks), are uniting forces ahead of early parliamentary elections in the country and announce a joint list. The media speculate that it would be headed by the Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans.

Friday’s collapse of the government of Prime Minister Marek Rutte means early elections to the lower house of parliament the Netherlands, Tweede Camera. They will probably take place at the end of October.

The fall of the government of Dutch Prime Minister Mark RutteReuters

The left unites before the elections

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The early elections have already caused specific moves on the Dutch political scene. On Sunday, the leaders of the left-wing opposition, Esther-Mirjam Sent of the Labor Party (PvdA) and Katinka Eikelenboom of the Greens (GroenLinks), announced that both parties would run on a joint list.

The decision must be approved by members of both parties in a referendum next week, but this will only be a formality. “Members of both parties have a deep desire to join forces,” Eikelenboom told a conference in The Hague. Both groups work closely together and have even formed a joint club in the upper house of parliament, Erste Kamer.

Timmermans top of the list?

Frans Timmermans, the former head of the PvdA and currently vice-president of the European Commission, is the leader of the joint list. “The corridors of The Hague are buzzing with speculations about the return of Timmermans from Brussels,” wrote the daily “Het Parool” on Sunday.

Frans TimmermansShutterstock

The mood is toned down by the newspaper “De Telegraaf”. “It is doubtful that he will quit his job in Brussels and ‘plunge into a left wing brawl’,” wrote the largest Dutch daily.

The disintegration of the cabinet of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands took place due to the lack of agreement in the coalition on asylum policy.

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