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Netherlands. Free sunscreen all summer long

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Free sunscreen dispensers will be set up in parks, city centres, beaches, schools and hundreds of other locations across the Netherlands, NOS reported. The campaign to support the fight against a record level of skin cancer cases will last all summer.

“This summer in hundreds of places in the Netherlands you will be able to use sunscreen for free,” Dutch public broadcaster NOS reported on Friday. Its website describes various grassroots initiatives that provide access to dispensers filled with sunscreen. The largest of these is the VieCuri Medical Center hospital project in Venlo-Venray, which, in cooperation with KWF, the insurer VGZ and various municipalities, supplies sunscreen to 120 primary schools in North Limburg.

Free sunscreen dispensers in the Netherlands

As Liset Spreuwenberg, spokeswoman for the facility, explains, the initiative to distribute sunscreen was born last year and initially covered only the hospital. “Our dermatologist Karen van Poppelen then came up with the idea of ​​converting antibacterial gel dispensers used during the pandemic into sunscreen dispensers,” a spokeswoman explained to NOS. The action turned out to be a “great success”, and soon local companies interested in renting dispensers and expanding access to free creams began to apply to the hospital. “We rented a few at the time, but we couldn’t meet the demand,” Spreuwenberg admitted.

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Interest in access to dispensers with free filters is growing, said Ybe Heemskerk, founder of the company Sundo, which produces these devices. In an interview with NOS, he emphasizes that this summer, Sundo equipment will be available in more than 100 locations throughout the Netherlands. “(Dispensers) cost several thousand euros, but we know that the health of our residents and visitors is important,” said Jacco Knape, councilor at the seaside resort of Katwijk, which uses Sundo equipment.

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“When you go to the beach, you’re usually well prepared, but many people forget about sunscreen on a daily basis,” added Wouter Spackler, co-founder of a company that assembles dispensers in city centers, sports facilities, events and festivals called Smeerkees.

The growing number of skin cancer cases

Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the Netherlands. It accounts for more than half of all cases of all types of cancer. It is detected in nearly 70,000 new patients every year, according to NOS. In the neighboring one Belgium Skin cancers account for about 40 percent of all cancers and are also the most commonly diagnosed type. IN Germany between 2001 and 2021, the Federal Statistical Office recorded a 55 percent increase in all types of skin cancer. In Poland, 10,000 new skin cancer diagnoses are made each year, of which about 2,000 are related to its most dangerous form, i.e. melanoma, according to the gov.pl website.

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