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Netherlands. Heineken admits that it still operates in Russia and invests there

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Heineken previously declared that it would withdraw from Russia in the face of Russian aggression against Ukraine. However, the results of a journalistic investigation conducted by the Follow The Money platform showed that the company instead invested and introduced new products for sale on the Russian market.

According to journalists, in 2022 the Dutch company introduced 61 new products to the Russian market. This caused outrage, because in March 2022 Heineken announced its withdrawal from the country of the aggressor. Despite this, the Russian branch of the brewery said on its own website that last year it introduced 61 new products in “record time”, the equivalent of 720,000. hectoliters of additional sales of beer and soft drinks. – While Russian bombing destroys Ukrainian cities and ground troops have occupied much of the country, Heineken started in Russia large-scale sales offensive – commented the largest Dutch daily “De Telegraaf”.

Statement from Heineken on operations in Russia

In response to these reports, Heineken issued a statement that “it is essential to continue limited operations during the transition period as we seek to transfer our business to a new owner in full compliance with international and local regulations.” At the same time, the company wrote that FTM’s information is “untrue and misleading”. – We realize that we should have made it clear earlier on the need for new products, and the questions raised in this connection are understandable. We realize that this has created ambiguity and doubt about our promise to leave Russia. We apologize for that,” the company’s latest statement reads. At the same time, Heineken emphasizes that its main goal now is to “leave Russia responsibly and as soon as possible.”

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