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Netherlands. Nearly 80 percent of food ads promote unhealthy food. The expert pointed out the reason

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About 80 percent of all food advertisements in the Netherlands promote unhealthy eating, according to a study by the research agency Panteia, the results of which were published on Tuesday by the portal “Trouw”. According to the authors of the report, a poor diet is responsible for almost 13,000 deaths in the Netherlands each year and generates health care costs of €6 billion.

Panteia estimates that every year food producers, supermarkets and food outlets spend on food advertising in the Netherlands an average of almost EUR 2 billion. Nearly 80 percent of these ads promote unhealthy foods, such as frozen fast food, crisps, candy, sweetened soft drinks, and low-alcohol drinks.

According to study co-author Henri Faun, this distribution of advertising expenditure is due to the fact that “processed food profits more than fruit or vegetables”. – A higher margin means a larger advertising budget – he explains in “Trouw”.

80 percent of food advertisements in the Netherlands promote unhealthy eating

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According to Faun, “Farmers, breeders and wholesalers of fruit and vegetables do not have enough commercial power to advertise on a large scale.” The scale of the promotion of unhealthy food is further enhanced by the fact that the advertising code in the Netherlands “was developed by the industry itself” – emphasizes the co-author of the study, explaining that it imposes restrictions on the promotion of unhealthy food only in the case of advertising aimed at children under 13 years of age.

Only advertising messages regarding products that meet specific conditions can be directed to children, but you can also have reservations here. – These criteria were also developed by the industry – says Faun in an interview with “Trouw”, noting that in his opinion they do not fully comply with the principles of healthy eating. As an example of inaccuracies in this regard, he mentions crisps, which can now be promoted without age restrictions due to the reduction in salt content.

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80 percent of food advertisements in the Netherlands promote unhealthy eating.Shutterstock

The Panteia agency responsible for preparing the study warns that unhealthy food is responsible for 8.1 percent of serious illnesses in the Netherlands each year and generates healthcare costs of €6 billion. It also contributes to 12.9 thousand deaths annually. “Improper nutrition consisting in excessive caloric intake and/or incorrect composition of the diet increases the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases, mainly obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer” – emphasizes the Polish National Center for Nutrition Education. As he points out on his website, excessive consumption of sugars, fats and salt contributes to the incidence of the above diseases.

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