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Netherlands. One hundred liters per square meter per hour. Hail poured out of the toilets

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Thunderstorms with hail passed over the northern Netherlands on Monday. The phenomena were accompanied by downpours, which caused serious flooding. In some villages, the rainfall was so intense that water and hail entered buildings through the sewage system.

On Monday storms with intense rainfall hit not only Poland. Violent storms appeared over the northern part of the Netherlands. Downpours and hail flooded towns in northern Friesland, causing flooding of streets and buildings. Radar measurements indicated that at the peak of the storm, as much as 100-110 liters of water per square meter could have fallen there in an hour.

“I would never believe it”

The situation was particularly difficult in the town of Buitenpost, where the streets and many houses were flooded. As Oebele Brouwer, the mayor of the Achtkarspelen commune, told us, it was impossible to get to the village by car. To help assess the damage and clean up the storm's effects, he had to walk to the site on his own two feet, wading through knee-deep water.

Several shops and a church were damaged by the flood. It was also necessary to evacuate some people staying in a local care center. The rainfall and hail turned out to be so heavy that they completely filled the sewage system. Small hailstones began to enter the nursing home through the toilets.

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– Hail was pouring out of the toilets. It's very strange. If I wasn't there, I would never have believed it, Brouwer told local media.

The Dutch weather agency KNMI issued further storm warnings on Tuesday. In the evening hours, level 1 warnings for storms and flooding were still in force in the central and western parts of the country.

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Main photo source: gemeente Achtkarspelen@Facebook/pgroenemeijer@x.com

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