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Netherlands. Schools – phones, tablets and smartwatches will be banned in classrooms, is the government’s decision

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The Netherlands introduces a new ban. The use of mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches, with a few exceptions, will be banned in classrooms in Dutch schools from January 1, 2024, the Dutch government announced on Tuesday. The solution is to reduce the factors that make it difficult for students to concentrate during the lesson.

Exempted from the ban on the use of such devices will be students with disabilities or those who have to use them due to illness. However, electronic gadgets will be allowed during technology classes.

Phones are not allowed in classrooms

“Even if mobile phones have become part of our lives, their place is not in the classroom,” Education Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf said in a statement. In his opinion, “students must be able to concentrate and they must have a chance to learn well”.

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“Mobile phones are a distraction, as research shows. We need to protect students from this,” added Dijkgraaf, who also explained that schools can decide for themselves how they implement the new rule. At the same time, he stipulated that if this does not bring sufficient results by the summer of 2024, the government will issue further regulations in this matter.

The ban on the use of mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches is the result of an agreement between the Dutch Ministry of Education, schools and related organizations, Reuters reported.

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