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Netherlands. The cat turned on the tap and flooded the town hall. It caused losses counted in thousands of euros

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Residents of the town of Dokkum in the Netherlands were due to celebrate the opening of the newly renovated town hall next week. Unfortunately, due to the activities of an unusual intruder, they will have to wait a little longer. Repairing all the damage can cost thousands of euros. As the evidence left shows, the culprit of the commotion turned out to be… a cat.

According to the media from the town of Dokkum (Friesland) in the northern Netherlands, a cat broke into the newly renovated town hall there. The animal snuck in during renovation work and managed to turn on the water tap. Walls and new furniture were flooded.

The town hall building in Dokkum has been closed since July last year due to ongoing renovations. Its official opening is scheduled for Monday, May 22. However, everything indicates that the deadline will not be met and residents will have to be patient.

He left traces

According to the media, there were witnesses who saw the hooligan cat enter the building.

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“The animal turned on the tap and as a result walls and furniture were flooded, and the water also penetrated through the floor into the basement” – reported the portal Omrop Fryslan. Unfortunately, the burglar was not prudent enough and left clear traces of his presence. The media published “evidence” of the cat’s guilt in the form of hair found on a chair in one of the flooded rooms. The four-legged criminal was quickly evicted from the building.

Meanwhile, the municipality has already taken action to limit the damage and is currently investigating how it can be repaired. For now, the exact financial consequences are not clear, but according to the RTL Nieuws portal, they could cost over 10,000 euros.

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