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New Biała. A great fire in the Nowy Targ district

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On Saturday, a fire broke out in the village of Nowa Biała in Małopolska, which affected 21 residential buildings and 20 farm buildings, said senior captain Bogusław Szydło from the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Krakow on TVN24. About 400 firefighters came to the site. Several people were hospitalized. In the evening, the fire stopped spreading, but the firefighters predicted that the extinguishing action would continue for several hours.

Firemen received a notification about a fire in Nowa Biała in Nowy Targ County at 6:22 PM. Senior Captain Bogusław Szydło from the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Krakow conveyed at around 9 p.m. on TVN24 that the fire had occupied “21 residential buildings and 20 farm buildings”.


Previously, 15 residential buildings and six farm buildings were reported. The fire spread quickly, however, because the buildings in the village of Nowa Biała are compact and clustered. Additionally, some of the buildings are made of wood.

Initially, it was not found that anyone was injured, but then it turned out that there are a few such people. – One person who fell from the roof was taken by the Air Ambulance Service – said Bogusław Szydło from the Małopolska fire brigade. Five more people with light burns and light soots were also sent to hospitals.

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A fire in Nowa Białapodhaleregion.pl

“At this stage we can say that the fire is already under control”

According to Szydło, 99 units of PSP and OSP from several poviats fought the fire. In total, it is about 400 firefighters. – At this stage, we can say that the fire has already been contained – said Bogusław Szydło around 21.30.

– The fire does not spread. We hope that the action will run smoothly, but I expect it will continue for several more hours – he added.

– The action was conducted in very difficult conditions. The greatest difficulty was the compact development – said Szydło. As he added, thanks to the firefighting action “many of these residential and farm buildings were saved”. – At the moment, all activities are focused on keeping the size of the fire as small as possible. After the firefighting operation is over, the police will conduct investigations to find out the causes of this fire, he added.

At the scene, at the very beginning, due to the magnitude of the incident, a medical point was organized. The Air Ambulance Service from Kraków was also sent for protection.

“The losses are huge”

– The losses are huge – said the head of Nowa Biała, Krystyna Węglarz. As she said, the victims are approached by private persons, offering accommodation and meals. For this purpose, a local school and a hotel were also developed.

According to Węglarz, the firefighters had already mastered the fire and started extinguishing it. Some firefighters will probably stay on site until the morning to control the scene, she added.

Morawiecki: we are fighting for the possessions of the inhabitants of Nowa Biała

“I know that Poland is now alive with our national team’s match with Spain, but we are also fighting another, perhaps even more difficult battle: for the possessions of the inhabitants of Nowa Biała in Podhale,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote in social media.

“We are in constant contact and we have already launched the LPR helicopter, which will provide the necessary support. At my request, the Voivode of Małopolska, Łukasz Kmita, went to the site. We will keep you informed about the situation” – he assured.

Main photo source: podhaleregion.pl

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