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New Caledonia. Riots caused chaos. Massive losses and casualties

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The losses caused by the riots that broke out on May 13 amounted to private sector EUR 1.2 billion and EUR 1 billion for public infrastructure.

Riots in New Caledonia. Losses still being counted

Okło 700 company buildings were set on fire or destroyed. 19 schools and many libraries, offices and technical premises were burned down.

However, the total loss balance has not been fully calculated, Arson and acts of vandalism still occur.

On Thursday, a fire was set at the school, and on Friday – in the sports hall – AFP emphasizes.

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France has allocated €250 million in state aid to New Caledonia.

Paris' move sparked discontent

A state of emergency in New Caledonia, introduced on 15 May after the first wave of unrest, ended at the end of the month.

The reason for the riots was Paris' planned change to the electoral system. Under the proposed changes, people who have lived in New Caledonia for at least 10 years would have the right to vote.

The opponents of change are Kanaks – indigenous inhabitants, today constituting about 40 percent of the population. They fear that the new electoral system will reduce their influence on the voting results.

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