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New car sticker. The ministry is changing the pattern

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On Thursday, a draft regulation of the Ministry of Climate was published on the website of the Government Legislation Center amending the regulation on the sticker template for vehicles authorized to enter the clean transport zone. The new stickers will have a simpler design, which will make them easier to print.

As written by the authors of the regulation, representatives of several city offices planning to introduce clean transport zones raised objections to the applicable sticker template specified in the annex to the regulation of the Minister of Climate and Environment of March 2022.

“The main concern was the difficulty of printing the sticker on commonly available printing equipment. Therefore, taking into account the technical capabilities of the offices, the Ministry of Climate and Environment proposed changing the sticker design. A new, simpler design has been prepared, which will make it easier for municipalities to print stickers,” they reported in the Regulatory Impact Assessment.

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Clean transport zones

As they recalled, the Act on Electromobility and Alternative Fuels introduces the concept of clean transport zones (SCT) into the Polish legal system. SCTs can be created by municipalities to reduce the negative impact of pollutant emissions from transport on human health and the environment.

The Electromobility Act provides for the introduction of stickers for vehicles authorized to enter SCT. In order to standardize them and increase their recognition, a uniform template is specified in the regulation. The sticker will be used by municipalities that decide to establish a clean transport zone.

“In order to adapt the requirements of the Act on Electromobility to the need to mark vehicles authorized to enter the SCT with a sticker, the proposed changes assume an update of the sticker template. The proposed amendment will make it possible to speed up the process of processing the application for issuing a sticker, while maintaining the cost of the entire procedure at the level specified in the Act,” they said. .

A model sticker for vehicles authorized to enter the clean zone Draft regulation of the Minister of Climate and Environment

Markings in Germany and France

The Ministry of Climate informed that many countries, especially in the European Union, have introduced vehicle markings containing information on their impact on the environment, including data on the amount of pollutants emitted. E.g. v Germany these are the so-called “Umweltplakette” environmental badges. Ecological badge incl France Fri “Crit'Air” is available to order online, but after sending a scanned car registration certificate via the website of the French Ministry of Ecological Transformation.

The same solution is provided for in the Austrian system, in which badges titled “Umwelt-Pickerl” can also be ordered upon presentation of the registration certificate.

The markings enable entry to zones similar to those provided for in the Polish Electromobility Act. However, failure to do so may result in fines of up to several thousand euros, the ministry reminded.

The first clean transport zone in Poland will start operating in Warsaw on July 1, 2024. The next one is also to appear in Krakow.

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