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New cars – year 2021. According to experts, there will be no sale of the year

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The extended collection time for new cars accelerates the “cleaning” of inventory in showrooms. Therefore, this year there will be no annual sale, experts from the automotive industry announce. In their opinion, difficulties on the primary market will lead to a decrease in supply on the used car market.

Production of new cars in 2021

– Traditionally, the last quarter of the year is a period of growth in car purchases. However, this year car sales in October were lower than in June, July or August – said Dariusz Balcerzak from the Samar Institute.

As he explained, this situation is the result of the limited availability of cars, which in turn is caused by disruptions in global supply chains after the previous waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.

– The biggest problem holding back the smooth production of cars is the lack of semiconductors needed to equip them. The production of some models has been significantly limited or even stopped. Cars are often pre-assembled without missing chips and sent to storage yards awaiting delivery of semiconductors, he added.

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Longer waiting time for a new car

According to the president of the Polish Automotive Industry Association Jakub Farys, delays in the deliveries of semiconductors to car-producing factories may last at least until the second half of 2022, and the situation will not stabilize until 2023.

He pointed out that the effects have been visible for some time. – First of all, the waiting period for the ordered car has increased significantly, because each electronic piece of equipment in the ordered car requires the presence of a semiconductor. This means that the better equipped the car, the longer the waiting time. Currently, it is already an average of six months, or even, in some cases, more than a year – he stressed.

Experts: There will be no yearly sale

According to Balerzyk, problems with the availability of cars “on request” also result in “cleaning” of dealer stocks from cars available on the spot. As added by the vice-president of Carsmile, Michał Knitter, for this reason, there will be no annual sale of cars this year.

According to experts, difficulties on the primary market have an impact on the car secondary market. – Since the vast majority of customers of authorized car dealerships are companies (over 70 percent share), supplementing / replacing fleets, a limited supply of new cars may cause some companies to decide to extend the use of their existing cars. This, in turn, will result in a smaller supply on the market of used cars from the Polish sales network – pointed out Balcerzyk.

He added that the import of “stimulants” is also decreasing. – In October, they were registered in Poland by nearly 3 percent less year on year, although the total number of imported cars registrations has remained higher (by 11.8 percent) since the beginning of the year (by 11.8 percent) than in 2020, when the borders were closed for some time – he noted.

According to him, the level of imports may be affected by the situation on the automotive markets, from which cars are traditionally imported. – There, too, a lower supply of new cars results, inter alia, in greater interest of local customers in the purchase of used cars. This, in turn, translates into higher prices of these cars, which means their lower attractiveness on the Polish market – said the expert.

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