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New Delhi, India. Residents have nothing to breathe. Smog is still wandering through the city

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For several days, residents of New Delhi have been struggling with smog. The polluted air is mainly caused by the burning of fields in the vicinity of the Indian capital. On Saturday, the decision to close the schools was again issued.

For the people of New Delhi, Saturday was another difficult day. All because of the dense smog caused by pollution and burning fields outside the Indian capital. Smoke is visible even from space – satellites detect large plumes of smoke and increased fire activity, which is considered a quick and cheap way to cleanse and fertilize the earth. Unfortunately, this also has dire consequences for the environment.

Various reasons for pollution

NASA released photos from November 11, when satellites photographed puffs of smoke from the fires. On that day, sensors in New Delhi and other cities recorded a sharp rise in air pollution levels.

Smog in India 11/11/2021. Fires are marked with red dotsearthobservatory.nasa.gov

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The problem of persistent smog is largely due to the geographic location and weather. In months such as November and December, temperature inversion often occurs (i.e. the normal behavior of temperature in the troposphere is reversed – during the phenomenon the layer of cool air is lower than the layer of heat), which keeps pollutants closer to the earth’s surface.

The situation could also be influenced by factors such as the influx of dust from the Thar desert, industrial activity or exhaust fumes from factories and vehicles.

Schools closed again

New Delhi – a city of 20 million people – is one of the most polluted in the world. The problem occurs every year when lower temperatures trap harmful dust in the air.

– Children are not able to go to school. They just opened to close immediately. We have many problems, said New Delhi resident Prabhat Kumar Prajapati.

In some parts of the Indian capital, so-called “smog towers” have been placed to improve air quality. These are devices powered by 40 fans and thousands of filters to help mitigate air pollution. According to the city authorities, their goal was to remove 80 percent of PM10 and PM2.5 particles from the intake air.

Reuters, earthobservatory.nasa.gov

Main photo source: Reuters

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