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New government – Civic Coalition, Third Way, New Left – negotiations on the coalition agreement. When will it be signed?

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The coalition agreement of the united opposition is almost ready. The negotiations are expected to last until the end of the week. In the future, as opposition politicians announce, public opinion will learn about the specifics, i.e. offices, positions and the program. – The agreement is already in its final phase, final arrangements are currently being made – said Dariusz Wieczorek from Left.

As reported by TVN24 reporter Radomir Wit, who talked to opposition politicians in the Sejm, negotiations on the shape of the coalition agreement are in the final stages. – A draft of this contract will appear soon, and then everything will be in the hands of the leaders. Along the way, there will also be a collective decision of individual groups to accept the shape of this agreement – he reported.

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He added that all this would happen next week, because – as he noted – the first session of the Sejm was on the horizon. Representatives of the democratic opposition declare that during this meeting, scheduled for November 13, there will be choice Speaker of the Sejm.

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“The constitution here is very simple”

Head of the Civic Platform Club Borys Budka told a TVN24 reporter on Friday that if today the president entrusted the mission of forming a government to a representative of the opposition, Donald Tuskthe opposition’s declaration is clear: we are ready to formulate and present the shape of the government.

– If the president decided to hold such talks today, certainly in the coming days, when Donald (Tusk – ed.) would formally be given the mission of forming a government, he would also receive the names of people he would appoint to appropriate positions – said the KO politician.

As he said, “the constitution here is very simple.” – Here the president has no role as a creator. Here, the president, apart from the fact that he can entrust anyone with the function of prime minister as a first step, later has no influence on the composition of the Council of Ministers, Budka noted. – But of course, politeness and procedure dictate that the prime minister, when asking for the appointment of such ministers, should show everything to the president – he added.

However, before this happens, you first need to select common program points and determine how the dividing line for individual positions will be drawn. Negotiations are ongoing on this matter.

A booth about appointing a government: here the president has no role as a creatorTVN24

“The contract is already in its final stages”

Dariusz Wieczorek from the Left, who is one of the people negotiating the provisions of the coalition agreement, told a TVN24 reporter that the next round of talks will take place this afternoon. – The contract is already in its final phase, the final arrangements are currently being made. We will probably be ready by the end of the week and we will be able to hand over the draft of this contract to the leaders, he said.

When asked when he thought the agreement would be signed, he replied that the leaders’ acceptance was one thing, but a decision from the party’s statutory bodies was still needed. – And here we also need time, because it’s not like the leaders can sign the contract themselves. The party’s statutory bodies must accept the coalition, so it will probably be next week, he estimated.

As he added, “if the leaders decide that they want to implement it before the session of the Sejm, it is real and possible.”

"The agreement is already in its final stages"

“The contract is already in its final stages”TVN24

Wieczorek said that work on the shape of the contract is ongoing in two groups. – One is the leadership group that is responsible for all these personnel matters, for what the presidium of the Sejm and the presidium of the Senate will look like. And honestly, we prefer not to ask or find out what these arrangements are, because the leaders will simply announce it at some point. However, we are responsible for preparing the draft contract and we are implementing it, said the Left MP. – I think that when the leaders are ready, they will announce it immediately – he added.

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