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New Left. Politicians go to Poland for program consultations

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The politicians of the New Left are going to Poland for program consultations, which will be summed up on October 9 at the party’s congress. The leaders and representatives of the New Left’s program team indicated that the goals are, inter alia, removing PiS from power and showing voters the leftist vision “after the PiS era”.

– We are going to Poland with good program assumptions – said MEP Robert Biedroń during a press conference on Friday in Warsaw. He also invited “to discuss Poland, the future, what after PiS and what vision of Poland for Polish women and Poles, for Europe and the world, the Polish left has.”


Speaking about the program assumptions of the New Left, Biedroń noted that “they were not created in the office at Nowogrodzka Street, of a president of a party”, but in cooperation “of the Polish left with several dozen non-governmental organizations, with hundreds of experts and experts, and many ordinary people”.

He announced that for the next three weeks a motorhome with New Left politicians will be in dozens of Polish cities, towns and villages. Then he is to return to Warsaw so that politicians summarize during the congress at the Expo Hall, where on October 9 – as he said – “The Left will have the biggest meeting in years”.

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Congress at which the authorities of the New Left are to be elected

On October 9, a congress will be held in Warsaw, during which the co-chairmen, vice-chairmen and secretary general of the New Left – a grouping formed from the merger of SLD and Spring will be elected. The new party is formed on the basis of the Democratic Left Alliance, to which members of the Biedronia party join.

Press conference “Future of the Left”PAP / Grzegorz Michałowski

Biedroń on the “merger of two generations”

Biedroń said that the congress will “merge two generations that met a few years ago to pursue a new hope for Poland, the New Left, a new vision, a new dream”. He announced that the congress would be attended by over 1,200 delegates and female delegates, and that new authorities and a new program for the left and “for the whole of Poland” would be elected. After the election of the authorities and the adoption of the program, the politicians of the New Left are to – as he said – “roll up their sleeves and set off again in Poland”.

Speaking about the purpose of these undertakings, Biedroń first of all pointed to the need to remove PiS from power in order to be able to later implement the left-wing program assumptions “in a better Poland”. – It must be Poland, where people earn better wages, have decent wages, good working conditions, (…) where in every poviat people have access to a hospital, (…) where there are no queues to specialists, (… ) in which women and men have equal rights, where we breathe good air – said Biedroń.

As he added, “thanks to the left wing, we are in NATO, we are in the European Union”. – It was given to Poland by the left wing. And we will be in a better Poland after PiS. We guarantee this with our program assumptions – stated the founder and leader of Spring.

Robert Biedroń on the goals of the New LeftTVN24

Włodzimierz Czarzasty about “dreams come true”

The leader of the New Left, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Włodzimierz Czarzasty admitted that his dreams of merging two parties – Spring and SLD – were coming true. He noted that it happened “on the terms established over two years ago”. – I dreamed about the fact that if these parties merge, and on October 9 we elect a joint government, we will form a strong parliamentary club in cooperation with the Together party – he added.

He pointed out that “these dreams came true, and not always in the history of the left, such dreams did come true”. – If we create a strong parliamentary club, we will run in parliamentary elections – no matter when they will be – together as the left wing. Regardless of the formula of these elections, we will start together as the left. These dreams will come true – he assured.

Czarzasty admitted that “sometimes the bumpy road is to make dreams come true”, but – he added – “we reach our goal by keeping our word, thanks to hard and fair rules”. He said that this goal is the New Left congress in October, a joint parliamentary club and a joint electoral list, as well as “return to co-government in the Sejm”.

– It is not enough to say that PiS is not to rule, because it is obvious. It is also necessary to say what Poland should look like after the PiS era. And we will talk about it – announced Czarzasty.

Main photo source: TVN24

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