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New Left politicians in Lodz. Robert Biedroń appeals to the opposition: we propose to sign an agreement on co-governance

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We want to offer the opposition parties: PO, PSL and Poland 2050 to sign an agreement on co-government, said co-chairman of the New Left, Robert Biedroń. “Let this be a new deal for the opposition, let’s start talking about it,” he added. The second leader of the party, Włodzimierz Czarzasty, emphasized that “the opposition must get to work more”.

On Friday, New Left politicians visited the Łódź Voivodeship, where they promote the “Safe Family” program during meetings with residents. During a press conference in Łódź, MEP Robert Biedron he appealed to the opposition parties to sign the program minimum for the future government before the autumn parliamentary elections.

“We can’t be mad at each other, we can’t be mad at each other. Let’s be clear that the four of us want to go to this tango and we want to work together as an opposition. Let’s sign the program minimum for the future government. There are concrete proposals on the table. It presents them and Simon Holownia (Poland 2050), i Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz (PSL), i Donald Tusk (PO) and us as the Left. So let’s sit down, let this be a new deal on the opposition and start talking about it. Here in Lodz, we would like to propose it – he said.

New Left press conferencePAP/Marian Zubrzycki

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Biedroń: It takes four to defeat PiS

This, as Biedroń pointed out, should be the opposition’s response to the growing support of the United Right in the polls. It is about, among other things Kantar study for “Fakty” TVN and TVN 24wherein United Right can count on 31 percent of support, which is 3 percentage points more than a month ago. The support for the Civic Coalition, for which 26 percent of respondents now want to vote, has decreased. The Confederation, Poland 2050 and the Left would also enter the Sejm. Below the electoral threshold were PSL, Kukiz’15, as well as Agreement and AgroUnia.

– This is an appeal to the entire opposition to meet again. It takes four to defeat PiS, it takes all of us. You have to play to the rhythm of the whole opposition. As the Left, we have appealed and will always appeal for cooperation on the opposition. We are ready for talks – assured the co-chairman of the New Left.

Czarzasty: PiS has a Teflon period

The other leader of the party, Włodzimierz Czarzasty, referring to the Kantar poll, admitted that it did not contain good information for the opposition.

– Our friends from the Opposition Platform have fallen in the ratings. Mr. Hołownia has fallen in the ratings, PSL does not get to the Sejm, and PiS is on the rise. As for the Left, we have one growth point. (…) Certainly the opposition needs to do more. There is a moment when PiS has a Teflon period and it seems that the more dirty they do, the more these dirty things are invisible – he explained.

As Czarzasty said, that’s why you should continue to tour the poviats and meet people.

Zandberg: we have an idea for Poland after the elections

Adrian Zandberg, the co-chairman of the Together party, stressed that voters, not polls, will vote in the elections.

And you have to go to these people. That is why the Left has been in bazaars and streets since morning and we are talking to people. Because only some people watch TV, only some people watch TV other than TVP. Their votes will determine the outcome of the election. We need to reach them in smaller and larger towns. That’s why Robert (Biedroń) is going to Piotrków today, I’m going to Kutno. We travel to dozens of towns, because you have to fight for every vote, he argued.

As he said, voters should be approached with specific proposals. He pointed out that the Left’s program includes, among other things, ensuring security for the elderly in the form of the so-called widow’s pension and medicines for PLN 5, a housing program for the young generation and an idea for development and investments that stimulate the economy.

Zandberg: You have to fight for every voteTVN24

– And we talk about these specifics with people. We convince them not only because we smile at them nicely and because we don’t like PiS. We convince them that we have an idea for Poland after these elections and that it is worth voting for the Left, he noted.

The MP of the New Left from Łódź, Tomasz Trela, admitted that the main topic of parliamentary talks at marketplaces and bazaars was high inflation and product prices. – We came here in a group of over 30 people, but our ambition, our dream and goal is that after the elections this group will be 60 people. Let it be a strong representation of the Left, which fights for dignity, human life, decent work, pay – he stressed.

Main photo source: PAP/Marian Zubrzycki

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