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New marketplace. The death of a pregnant woman in the hospital, the investigation is taken over by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice

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The Katowice Regional Prosecutor’s Office took over the investigation into the death of 33-year-old Dorota, who was hospitalized in Nowy Targ (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) after her amniotic fluid broke in the fifth month of pregnancy. As the woman’s family explains, no one informed the patient or her husband that the chances of maintaining the pregnancy in such a situation are slim. The woman died three days later from septic shock.

The information about the transfer of the investigation from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Nowy Sącz to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice was confirmed by the spokeswoman of the Silesian unit, attorney Agnieszka Wichary. In this prosecutor’s office, among others, the case of Ms Izabela from Pszczyna and pregnant patients from Częstochowa.

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“The doctor said there is a chance for a happy ending”

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Let us remind you that the 33-year-old was hospitalized in Nowy Targ (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) after the amniotic fluid broke in the fifth month of pregnancy.

Mr. Marcin, the husband of the deceased, in an interview with the reporter of the “UWAGA! TVN” program, mentions that the doctors during almost the entire stay of his wife in the hospital gave her a chance not only to recover, but also to save the pregnancy. – I knew that the child could suffocate because there is nothing to breathe. However, I was reassured that he was alive, that everything was fine, and they [lekarze – red.] will watch as it develops. The doctor on duty told me that there is a chance for a happy ending if the wife will lie down – says Mr. Marcin. The deceased’s cousin adds that “everything was kept in the spirit of giving hope and convincing that everything would be fine.”

This was to be the first child of Mrs. Dorota and Mr. Marcin. They got married in September and started building a house. The couple lived in Bochnia, and they came to Podhale to visit Mrs. Dorota’s mother. Then a woman she was hospitalized in Nowy Targ.

Three days in the hospital

The pregnant woman herself informed her family that her condition had deteriorated. During her last conversation with her husband, at around 9 pm on Tuesday, May 23, the patient felt very bad. She was vomiting and shivering. The next day, her mother and cousin were to go to the hospital to help Dorota wash her hair. They did not make it – the 33-year-old at 5:20 was already in a serious condition, and the ultrasound showed fetal death. Cardiac arrest occurred at 7:16. She died at 9:38.

– The nurse called me this morning that my wife’s condition had deteriorated. She asked to come immediately. I thought that something had happened to the child, but I did not expect it – emphasizes Dorota’s husband.

WATCH THE REPORT OF THE PROGRAM “UWAGA! TVN”: The death of pregnant Dorota in a hospital in Nowy Targ. “Doctors had three days to make a decision”

Rising CRP

“Gazeta Wyborcza” reports that during Dorota’s stay in the hospital, her CRP level was measured, indicating the appearance of inflammation. On admission, it was within the norm – 2.4 mg/l. Later, however, it rose faster and faster to reach 46 mg / l on Tuesday evening. The norm is a maximum of 5 mg/l.

Dorota was diagnosed with septic shock on Wednesday morning. However, no surgery has yet been performed. “Dorota was qualified for the operation only after consulting Prof. Hubert Huras, the provincial consultant in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, on May 24, 2023 at 7.30,” reports “Wyborcza”.

Following media reports, the Ombudsman for Patients’ Rights ex officio initiated an investigation into the woman’s death.

“It wasn’t fulminant sepsis”

The family of the deceased is represented by attorney Jolanta Budzowska, specializing in medical errors. Previously, she represented the relatives of Mrs. Izabela from Pszczyna, who died in similar circumstances in September 2021. The lawyer emphasizes that, in the opinion of doctors, the chances of maintaining the pregnancy after the amniotic fluid breaks are minimal. However, the risk of intrauterine infection increases.

– CRP was increasing, i.e. the risk of developing sepsis in the patient was increasing. I don’t know what the doctors were waiting for. On the one hand, perhaps the death of the fetus was awaited, but on the other hand, its condition was not monitored. The ultrasound examination at the admission showed a live fetus, then from what I know from the family, Dorota demanded that the examination be repeated. In the end, the ultrasound was not repeated until her health deteriorated dramatically. This was the last stage of septic shock – says Attorney Budzowska.

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The family’s representative points out that “it was not a fulminant sepsis” and CRP was rising for more than two days. At that time, Mrs. Dorota and her husband wanted to be transferred to a hospital in Bochnia – closer to their place of residence, where the doctor responsible for the pregnancy worked.

– We were told we could, but only if we signed out at our own request. We resigned from the discharge after talking to the hospital psychologist – Mr. Marcin reports in an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

– This situation should be discussed with the child’s parents and a decision should be made to terminate the pregnancy, even if it is still alive, if it is beneficial for the mother – explains Budzowska.

Initially, the relatives of the deceased did not even know the direct cause of her death. – When asked what happened, the doctor shrugged and said that they did not know. No one answered, no one wanted to talk. It was only in the information card at the discharge that it was septic shock – says Mrs. Ilona, ​​cousin of the deceased 33-year-old woman.

Feet up, no getting up

Dorota’s treatment method is also questionable. “Nurses told her to lie with her legs above her head, because they claimed that thanks to this, the water could return, flow in. Dorota spent the next three days in this position,” we read in “Gazeta Wyborcza”. The 33-year-old woman could not even get up to use the toilet, and her mother asked the nurses to allow the patient to sit down and eat a meal.

The daily reports that throughout Mrs. Dorota’s stay in the hospital, no one from the staff informed her or her family that the chances of maintaining the pregnancy were minimal. – No one gave us a choice or a chance to save Dorota, because no one told us that her life was in danger. No one has mentioned that you can induce a miscarriage and save Dorota, because the chances of the child surviving are slim – says Mr. Marcin, quoted by “Wyborcza”.

Mec. Budzowska points out, however, that her biggest reservations are the lack of reaction of the hospital to the developing inflammation, signaled by the increasing level of CRP. According to her, symptoms of sepsis were disregarded.

Keeping the patient constantly in a lying position is, in turn, as emphasized by the lawyer, inconsistent with current medical knowledge. This is confirmed by Dr. Maciej Socha, a gynecologist and obstetrician, who points out that this increases the risk of thromboembolism.

– It is our duty to inform the patient about the risk of maintaining a pregnancy in which the amniotic fluid has broken, because she should decide what to do – says Dr. Socha, quoted by the daily.

This is due to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, published in November 2021 – after the death of Mrs Izabela from Pszczyna. “In the event of a situation threatening the woman’s life or health (e.g. suspected infection of the uterine cavity, hemorrhage, etc.), it is lawful to terminate the pregnancy immediately, based on the applicable provisions of the Act of 7 January 1993 on family planning, protection of the human fetus and conditions for the admissibility of termination of pregnancy (Journal of Laws No. 17, item 78, as amended). This Act directly indicates the premise of a threat to the life or health of the mother. It should be emphasized that these are separable prerequisites. sufficient legal ground for the doctor to react. It is obvious that the patient at every stage of pregnancy must be informed about the current risks related to health and life.”

New marketplace. Death in the hospital

The 33-year-old died on the night of May 23-24. – The preliminary results of the woman’s autopsy given by doctors are septic shock, i.e. the final stage of sepsis, which caused circulatory and respiratory failure, resulting in the death of this woman – said Leszek Karp, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Nowy Sącz on Monday.

He noted that this is a preliminary diagnosis. – Experts must still have the results of additional tests that they commissioned, as well as familiarize themselves with the documentation in detail. Only then will they be able to issue a final opinion, in four to six weeks, the prosecutor said.

33-year-old Dorota and her husband were waiting for the birth of their first child.

“The deceased reported to the hospital on May 21, 2023 at night due to premature drainage of the amniotic fluid, without any other ailments. During the hospitalization, the fetus died. On May 24, 2023, the medical staff found a significant deterioration in health, and then there was As we were informed, the cause of death was septic shock with multiple organ failure, “the family informed.

Hospital Statement

The hospital published a short statement in which it announced full cooperation with investigators and expressed sympathy for the family of the deceased.

“Podhalański Specialist Hospital named after John Paul II in Nowy Targ is open to cooperation with any authorities whose purpose is to clarify the circumstances of the patient’s sudden death “- we read in the statement. The management of the hospital also announced that it would not comment on the case.

Hospital director about the patient’s death26.05 | The 33-year-old pregnant woman “suddenly” died in the hospital. The prosecutor’s office is investigating the caseTVN24

Marek Wierzba, director of the hospital when asked whether the cause of death of the 33-year-old was sepsis, he informed that tests are currently underway. – This is a huge tragedy for us and a huge trauma, especially since it happened in a ward where a new life begins. Immediately after the incident, we decided to submit an application to the prosecutor’s office for an investigation, Wierzba said.

Statement from the hospital after the death of a 33-year-old pregnant patientPodhalański Specialist Hospital named after John Paul II in Nowy Targ

“She and her family were deceived”

During a conference organized on Wednesday (June 7), MPs from the Left parliamentary club announced the convening of a meeting of the parliamentary team for reproductive rights.

– Mrs. Dorota in Nowy Targ was dying in the hospital for three days under the supervision of doctors who did nothing to save her. She and her family have been deceived. She and her family received information that everything would be fine with her pregnancy, that she could be saved, that her life was not in danger, said MP Paulina Matysiak.

– If these allegations made by the family are confirmed, the District Medical Chamber should take action to deprive these doctors of the right to practice – said MP Marcelina Zawisza. She added: – Women in Poland have the right to feel safe and have the right to trust those who treat them.

MP Magdalena Biejat, in turn, reminded about the Parliamentary Rescue Network, established jointly with the Federation for Women and Family Planning, which can be contacted at 22 635 93 95. – Doctors have two basic tasks: to protect the life and health of their patients and not injure. In the case of pregnant women, these two basic rules are routinely violated, noted Biejat.

TVN24 Krakow, Gazeta Wyborcza

Main photo source: TVN24

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