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New medical directions are very popular. Expert comments

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The Minister of Education and Science Przemysław Czarnek makes a gesture to remedy the small number of doctors in Poland. New medical faculties are opened at successive universities. Sounds good and looks good in stats. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

In just a few months, the first medical students will start their studies at the Catholic University of Lublin – in October, 60 places for future doctors will be opened.

– We have 25 people for one place, we just announced the results. We accepted a little more people on the first list. There is time from 18 to 24 July for confirmation – says the vice-rector for education at the Catholic University of Lublin, dr hab. Ewa Trzaskowska.

The medical faculty was the most popular among candidates at KUL this year. – The interest in this direction is huge, because there is also a huge need on the medical market – indicates the Minister of Education Przemyslaw Czarnekgiving consent to launch the field of study, as well as in the last academic year still lecturing at this university.

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The problem is the hunger of staff – including doctors. The solution is to increase the number of places in medical faculties. From October, over 9,800 people will study medicine. This is several hundred more than last year and, according to the government, over 3,600 more than, for example, in 2015.

Academy from Płock with the consent of the Polish Accreditation Committee

Many universities launch a medical course for the first time. This will be the case, among others, at the Mazowiecka Academy in Płock. Here, 1,500 people registered for studies in the electronic system, over 400 people submitted paper documents.

– Of course, there are a lot of people from Płock and the surrounding area, but also people from Lublin, Częstochowa, and people from Warsaw – emphasizes the rector of the Mazovian Academy in Płock, prof. Maciej Sweet.

The university assures that it is ready – it has been educating in medical fields of nursing and midwifery for 12 years. She received the consent of the Polish Accreditation Committee to open a medical faculty.

– We have signed an agreement with two hospitals operating in Płock, where our students have been studying for many years. As for the dissecting room, here we also have an agreement with the provincial hospital – points out prof. Maciej Sweet.

The university from Nowy Sącz with the consent of Minister Czarnek

The medical field will also be opened by the Academy of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz – just without a positive opinion of the Polish Accreditation Committee, but with the consent of the Minister of Education and Science issued in consultation with the Minister of Health.

New medical directions are very popularTVN24

– There are some reservations that we take into account and when the accreditation committee appears at a certain time, we want to show that all comments will be implemented – assures the dean of health sciences of the Academy of Applied Sciences, Dr. hab. Richard Gajdosz.

This includes, among other things, a mortuary that is still under construction. However, before that happens, students will use it at the University of Radom, 260 kilometers away. – Students will be transported there at the expense of the Academy, they will have transport, they will have accommodation, meals – says dr hab. Richard Gajdosz.

The medical community is concerned about the quality of education

The medical community has been repeating for months that many universities that have recently opened courses are not prepared to educate future medics. – Quality has been lost in favor of quantity. As a result, the whole society has the right to ask today what doctors will treat us in 6-7 years – believes the president of the Supreme Medical Council, Łukasz Jankowski.

Not everywhere there is adequate equipment, adequate infrastructure and sufficiently experienced doctors from whom you can learn the latest medicine. – Such a university should not be allowed to run a medical course at all and this should be checked before they could even apply for this permission – says Sebastian Goncerz from the OZZL Residents’ Agreement.

Instead of producing doctors wholesale, it is better to ensure better working conditions, unions say. – No matter how many doctors we educate, they will not stay in this system. They will leave or go to work in private health care, adds Sebastian Goncerz.

Main photo source: TVN24

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