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New roads in 2021 – GDDKiA plans. How many kilometers will be drove?

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By the end of 2021, we plan to put into use over 200 kilometers of new roads, said the spokesman of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Szymon Piechowiak. – So far, in 2021, we have made 177 kilometers of new roads available to drivers – he added.

– By the end of the year, we will deliver more than 200 kilometers and will certainly deliver more new kilometers than we assumed in the last days of 2020 – the spokesman said.

New roads in 2021

At the end of last year, GDDKiA announced that the plans for 2021 assume the commissioning of over 385 km of new roads.

According to PAP calculations made on the basis of the list of roads sent by GDDKiA, which will be used by drivers this year, a total of about 268 km of new routes will be commissioned by the end of this year. In total, GDDKiA will commission approximately 445 km of roads this year.

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According to Piechowiak, everything indicates that this year’s result will be the third best “annual result” since Poland joined the European Union.


New roads by the end of the year

GDDKiA informed that by the end of the year drivers will still use the following sections:

– A1 Tuszyn – Piotrków Tryb. South – 15.9 km

– A1 Kamieńsk – Radomsko – 16.7 km

– A1 Radomsko – gr. voiv. Łódź and Silesia – 7 km

– A1 gr. voiv. Łódź and Silesia – Częstochowa North – 16.9 km

– S17 Tomaszów Lubelski bypass – 9.6 km

– S19 Lublin – Niedrzwica Duży – 11.9 km

– S19 bypass of Kraśnik (Kraśnik Północ – Kraśnik Południe) – 9.6 km

– S19 Kraśnik Południe – Janów Lubelski – 18.2 km

– S19 Janów Lubelski bypass (Janów Lubelski North – Janów Lubelski South) – 6.4 km

– S19 Rudnik nad Sanem – Nisko – 6.5 km

– S19 Nisko – Podgórze – 11.2 km

– S19 Podgórze – Kamień – 10.3 km

S2 Puławska – Warsaw Wilanów (with the tunnel under Ursynów) – 4.6 km

– S5 Bydgoszcz Błonie – Szubin Północ – 9.7 km (on October 30 this year, almost the entire section was made available to drivers on the basis of temporary traffic organization, but construction works are still in progress – GDDKiA classifies it as not yet completed)

– S7 Lubień – Repair (II road) – 7.6 km

– S61 Łomża Południe – Łomża Zachód (as part of this task, a 9-kilometer section of the national road No. 63 will be put into operation)

– S61 Wysokie – Raczki – 20.2 km

– S7 Napierki – Mława – 14 km (part I of the road, part II of the road)

– S7 Mława – Strzegowo – 21.5 km

– S7 Strzegowo – Pieńki – 22 km

– S7 Pieńki – Płońsk – 13.8 km (1st carriageway)

– DK94 bypass of Łańcut – 5.8 km

According to the spokesman, it is still possible to start most of the main route on the section S6 Gdynia Wielki Kack – Bożepole Wielkie and the first 5 km of the second A1 Piotrków Trybunalski Południe – Kamieńsk road.

– In these two cases, we hope that the weather will be our ally, and that contractors will not slow down and maintain a high level of mobilization until the end of the construction season. We will see this in the last days and weeks of this year, however, the spokesman reserved.

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