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New rules for assistance for Ukrainian citizens. There will no longer be a surcharge of PLN 40 per day per person

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From July 1, the new aid law for Ukrainians eliminates subsidies of PLN 40 a day for people and institutions that host our eastern neighbors. The act is also intended to extend the legal stay of people fleeing the war until the end of September 2025 and to make the payment of the 800 plus benefit dependent on whether children actually go to school.

79 people who live in the Refugee Home in Lublin will lose the roof over their heads in a month and a half. Mrs. Larysa lives there with her working daughter and three grandchildren. – We will look for it, we hope that someone will help us, but everything is expensive and we are worried that our daughter will not be able to support the four of us on her own – says the woman.

The Refugee Home is largely supported by the so-called forties, i.e. subsidies of PLN 40 per day per person, which are given to people and organizations hosting Ukrainians fleeing the war. From July 1, in accordance with the act that has just passed the Sejm, this support will end.

– There is actually less than a month and a half left until the end of this center's existence. This is a really difficult time both for the residents and for us – says Marta Brożyna, coordinator of the Refugee House in Lublin from the Lena Grochowska Foundation – Refugee House Lublin. – There is a very high risk that after June 30, many Ukrainian families who are currently on these so-called in their forties and use private apartments in exchange for these forties, they will simply end up on the street – points out Aneta Żochowska, director of the Lena Grochowska Foundation.

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The Foundation tried to talk to the Ministry of Interior and Administration, the voivode and the city, but the voivode told them that the city decides, and from the city that these places for refugees are not needed. – I cannot imagine that the Polish state decides to treat people in such a way as to throw them out onto the streets – said Maciej Duszczyk, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, from the parliamentary rostrum.

Wiesław Szczepański, also Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration, explains that the government wants to move away from subsidizing individual accommodation to collective accommodation. Centers financed from provincial budgets, where elderly people, single mothers and people with disabilities live, will continue to exist. However, the Refugee Home in Lublin was not included on the list of such centers.

The situation of Ukrainians in PolandTVN24

What changes does the act introduce?

There are more changes that will be introduced by the new regulations. The so-called aid bill is intended primarily to extend the legal stay of people fleeing the war in Ukraine until the end of September 2025, because the current regulations expire at the end of June. Another change is to make the payment of PLN 800 plus for parents of school-age children dependent on whether their children actually go to school.

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– We expect that some of these children may not participate in any education system for two years – says Dr. Hanna Achremowicz, a specialist in the education of children and youth from the Ukraina Foundation.

According to various estimates, there may be between 60,000 and even 150,000 such children in Poland. – Many such children are older children. These are teenage children who often take up work and do not continue their education, they help their mother – says Barbara Gryziecka, president of the Dobro Always Wraca Foundation.

There are more changes – if the act comes into force, from June 30, it will be more difficult for Ukrainians to obtain a PESEL number. The person who wants to receive it must present a valid travel document. This – at this stage of the war – may turn out to be a problem – we hear from non-governmental organizations.

– Over the last year, a lot of people coming to Poland were from war-torn or occupied areas. These people do not have travel documents – informs Żochowska.

Another change is the resignation from the PLN 300 starting fee for refugees coming to Poland. Now the bill will go to the Senate. If signed by the president, it will enter into force at the beginning of July.

Author:Martyna Olkowicz

Main photo source: TVN24

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